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ringing in the ears

Ringing in Ear Predicts Chile 8.2 Earthquake on Tuesday April 1, 2014?

When it relates to psychics, empaths and those experiencing ascension symptoms it is not unusual to hear a discussion about ringing in the ear(s). Most, however, don’t associate the ringing with the energy of an impending event such as an earthquake. I have read in the past a little bit about this subject, although I […]

creating happiness

Creating Happiness in Your Life

I know not everyone is living this happy go lucky life at the moment. MOMENT. That word in itself says a lot. At this moment. That speaks of this being only a moment and in another moment it will have passed.

Empath Feeling Angry

Are You the Angry Empath Lately?

So what you are experiencing is not the norm for you?

Congrats on recognizing that because I feel that is the first step in figuring it out and resolving what is going on with you. Often just understanding that it is not you or that there is no just reason for the anger you are feeling helps you to NOT OWN IT!