Ascension Symptoms – Ringing in the Ears

I haven’t addressed this specifically in the past however you may have seen it listed as one of the symptoms of ascension. I want to tell you a little bit about it for those of you who are unsure of what is happening at the time the ringing in the ears changes, increases or becomes almost deafening.

There are many things to consider when it comes to the underlying causes of the ringing in the ears. First understand that the ears are affected by what is going on with the upper energy centers (chakras) such as the crown, brow, and throat chakra. Those of you who use a specific method for opening the brow chakra such as a rather harsh method of third eye opening will as a result of such a forced and harsh opening of that center will most definitely experience a ringing in the ears as this center opens, clears and balances.

The process from initial opening of a chakra to the time when it stays opening permanently on its own is a lot longer than many realize. I  receive many emails from those who have use this method and what they experience afterwards is influenced by many factors such as whether the method was followed exactly (no less, no more), whether the lower chakra centers where opened first so there is a flow of energy without the hindrance of a potential block in one of those lower chakras, and whether chakra opening and clearing for the other chakras  (including the foot chakra) energy centers is being done on a regular basis.

Generally, after opening the brow chakra you will experience pressure between and just above the eye brows. Accompanying this will be a ringing in the ears that could be very loud to the point it eventually gives you a headache and makes it hard to concentrate. You must understand that opening and clearing chakras do not come without an increasing in your vibrations and hence the ringing in the ears is also a symptom of this increase.

Many times if someone has decided to open or clear their energy centers specifically because they want to bring out and develop their psychic abilities they will seek out help by joining a psychic development message board, a local class or development circle. There they will be around and communicating with many whose vibrations are much higher than their own. When you spend time around even one person whose vibrations are higher than yours the outcome is that you vibrations will be increased as though being pulled upward. You can not serve two Master’s. You have heard that before right? Well, you can not live part of the time at a lower vibration that is the product of the negative ego, enjoying such things as anger, envy, resentment, frustration, violence in thought or deed, and part of the time when you choose at a higher vibration. Those who reside at a higher vibration will not come down to meet you, not permanently anyway, and therefore in order to be a part of anything that is of a higher vibration you will have to be at or close to that vibration. Vibrations for those who do not know are the rate at which energy moves. A spirit such as an Archangel has a high vibration such that if you were running a race against them you would barely see the blur that is them as they pass you. That is basically why a spirit can be present and you do not see or hear them, because they are vibrating a such a greater speed then you that they can not be seen but still they are there and hence their energy can still be sensed and read.

There are many symptoms you will experience as your vibrations increase whether the increase is do to chakra work or receiving an attunement. They are called Ascension Symptoms. The ringing in the ears is one of the many symptoms you will experience.

Ringing in the ears is something you will get use to over time to the point where most times you will not notice it except when it at times gets louder, switches ears, or is accompanied that other sounds such as tones.

There is more to the ringing in the ears than just what is happening with the energy centers and increasing vibrations. There are so many other things going on within and outside of us.

Kryon answered a questions from a couple of people who were questioning things they were experiencing as such…

“When a Human Being is experiencing even the slightest interdimensional shift, many things change. False feelings of anxiety, dizziness, focus problems, sometimes ringing of the ears and even occasional “light shows” all are alterations of the basic senses. When you are experiencing an entire color spectrum of change, you can’t say you are moving from one color to another. Instead, you are developing a whole new pallet.

This is moving from 4D to beyond, and it affects all the biology greatly. For awhile you might use mechanical devices to help, even chemical rebalancing or natural substances. But eventually you are being asked to transmute the dimensional shift and stand on your own with none of these things present. You indicated that you are living in “this dimension.” Exactly what do you feel “this dimension” is? You were born in 4, and are moving beyond. Therefore your “normal” is changing. Is it possible to balance yourself to compensate? Yes! Is it possible for your cellular structure to be “talked to?” Yes… we have been saying this for years. Now you know why we gave you these lessons. Now you may begin to understand the importance of becoming more integrated with your biology!”


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