Clairsentience – Do You Feel Sensations of Energy on Different Parts of Your Body?

Do you often feel an energetic touch on your body? Maybe it feels like a touch or even sudden pain in a specific area. Maybe during times of meditation you start feeling sensations from just tingling at the back of your head to pressure at a certain spot on one leg or the other.

You are not alone and are not alone in not knowing what you are experiencing.  Many people are clairsentient but because it is often not talked about or written about correctly you may not understand how clairsentience truly works.

Clairsentience is an ability like any of the other clair-abilities (clairauience/hearing, clairvoyance-sight, etc) it is just that clairsentience is all about feeling energy. No, it is not just feeling hunches and getting a tingling sensation down the spine. It is an ability that can be developed and fully used just like any other ability. Yes, you can communicate with this ability. Yes, your spirit guides, Angel’s, Ascended Masters and more can communicate with you in this subtle energetic way.

How else can clairsentience be used? When I first began working on developing my clairsentience I would notice that as I had a conversation with someone I would be getting communication the whole time telling me things like, whether they were telling the truth, how they were truly feeling about what they were telling me, and even more information about what they were telling me. Often if in conversation they would say they couldn’t figure something out I would often get the answer through clairsentience and be able to communicate it to them without them ever knowing that I was using that ability to get the information I gave them.

Even now as I type this, I am getting touches and sensations that have to do with what I am writing. Often when communicating via email or do a reading for someone I get the validation that what I have given them is correct and even now I am getting that. Isn’t that awesome? An ability that you can use to even get your own validation instead of only being able to rely on the person you are reading to validate it. Often that comes in handy when clients I am reading feel that what I am telling them is off. I will get the communication through clairsentience that yes what I have told them is in fact correct. Often we may not know or understand why or how something is true but often it is and we will find out later why. My clairsentience has helped me be able to reassure clients of what the truth is even when it does not make sense to them.

In the last few years I have not found any others who use clairsentience in the same fully developed manner that I do. I still search, but for now I feel I am safe in saying that I am the only true and fully developed clairsentient in the world…for now that is.

If you want to develop your clairsentience, learn to use it and translate those touches to know what they are saying to you, or even become more sensitive to energy, consider getting psychic development coaching.


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  1. debbie billingsley says:

    thank you, I’ve been searching the internet for so long trying to find an explanation for these feelings of touch, vibrations etc. now you have given me the explanation I needed I don’t feel quite so mad.

  2. Sherry Andrea says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You are doing wonderfully. It made me very happy to read your comment. XOXO

  3. donknight70 says:

    Clairsentience has been my strongest ability (especially in the past 2 years). When I’m writing or even reading about that something that is absolutely true, clairsentient sensations are tremendously helpful in my being able to discern. Almost immediately after reading your post, I got jolts of what feels like electricity in my big toe, as well as in my left thumb, just above my ribcage, and just beneath my left eye. My eyes will twitch or I’ll feel like they’re being pressed inward. It’s common for me to feel the spider-web sensations beneath both eyes when spirit or angelic energies are near me.

    Sometimes, spirit will get my left ear to vibrate or even pull some. That happened two years ago constantly, when I was just sitting down at the movies with my young daughter, watching the Yogi Bear movie. I knew that spirit was trying to get my attention, but wasn’t sure why until a few months later, when I was drawn to a book called ‘Kundalini Rising’ at Barnes & Nobles. I read the word ‘yogi’ in that book, and it hit me. What I initially experienced the year before was a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. I had very high blood pressure at the time, and I was being warned about the danger of not monitoring it well. That inspired me to start meditating, which has done wonders for my high blood pressure.

    I absolutely can feel the shifting energies all around, not just in me, but in some of the auras I clearly can feel. If I were closer to the water, I have no doubt that I would feel the tides changing beforehand. I feel very, very strong vibrations, and that is magnified during meditations that I like to do (especially the dolphin meditations I do often). I also see auras quite well now, and that started quite spontaneously just a few years ago. As a writer, my poetry has gone through the roof. I wasn’t great at it prior to 2005, but what I’m able to write now far surpasses what I was writing just 7 years ago. That ties in with my clairaudience, which also tends to coincide with clairsentience. Just now, I got little electrical shocks on my right hand. My mom does that, when I feel her in spirit taking hand to walk with her. She does that a lot, when I’m walking my daughter to the lake just down the street during the Summer. Both of my parents passed before my kids were born.

    In my opinion, many that are diagnosed with restless leg syndrome (RLS), are experiencing clairsentience in their lower chakras, while their spiritual team works on any blockages, so that they can help with clearing.

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