Controlling the Self, Negative Ego at Different Levels of Attainment

One of the most important things I have had to try to accomplish is the control of my self, my negative ego to be specific. Controlling your every thought, action and your speech can seem easy on paper and a “just do it” type of thing but once attempting to put it in action can at times seem like a near impossibility.

I remember telling a friend once that I often felt like my negative ego was like a spy ease dropping on me. If I would have the thought “from today on I am no longer going to get upset about anything!” it seemed my negative ego had been listening and responded by not just tripping me up but by literally giving me a hard shove and pushing me down. I learn to not make statements like that to myself once I realized that in fact the negative ego was listening. It almost works like Google does when it comes to spying on email users. Spying and using what it finds to show you ads related to what you have been discussing. In this case the negative ego was listening for positive statements related to me beating it and took great offense like saying “Who do you think you are that you can beat me when 6 million in the world can’t?!”

Of course until I reach full enlightenment I have to stay vigil over myself because the negative ego, evil, etc. never gives up. It never concedes like a president that has determined a loss even though the polls haven’t closed yet.

I often speak to people about psychic development and spiritual advancement but the truth is unless you are working to control yourself you can only reach certain heights. The negative ego can even stop you from learning the truth about things. It is the ego that says “Oh wait, I don’t believe that and won’t consider that what you say may be true…nope not even gonna meditate on it or ponder it…NOPE!” Ahhh, so it stops you sometimes from even considering something that may be truth. It does that in many different way and one of the ways that really get people is by creating a feeling of offense to what a person has said. If you get offended because I say the devil doesn’t exist and that energy you feel is the negative energy you have put out manifesting, then that is your ego doing that to you. I say doing that to you because your not accepting a truth or being offended by it only hurt you and not the other person that made the statement.

The negative ego is very tricky and to beat it you have to stop all the time and ponder things. If you start to think this about that and that about this, you must stop first and ponder that. Where is this coming from? You must always question yourself but often we do not and instead we question the person that brought us the info or the material. You must first always question your own self. Why do I feel this way about this? Is it possible my understanding is wrong? Where did I get my understanding from?

You will always understand things at the level you are at. It makes me laugh if someone replies to a message I posted on Facebook attempting to correct what I have said or school me. Often they don’t realize they are attempting to school me to a lower level. What I mean is that if I explained to my son something about math at an 8th grade level he might tell me no I am wrong. To him I am wrong because he has been taught to a certain level of understanding. 2+2=4 true. But I know that 2+x=4 is also true. But he might say “No Mommy, that is wrong, Math is about numbers and you have a letter in there.” He is right when he says 2+2=4 and I am right when I say 2+x=4. We are both right for the level we are at. But so many time people want to debate you, argue with you, try and correct you down to their level never considering the possibility that you MAY at the level you are at have come to some higher level understanding that they yet do not understand.

We must try to understand that we are all at different levels and we are going to give those at different levels the respect I believe they have earned just based on their tenacity to reach those levels. Respect is important to give to all and respect can be received once you are willing to give it as well.


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