Ghosts and Imprints

Who hasn’t seen a ghost or something they are pretty sure was not of this dimension. Whenever I discuss metaphysical subjects with people they have at least one ghost story to tell or a memory of living in a house that was “haunted.” Most have had these experiences and if we think real hard most will realize they have had more than just a handful of what you would call an unexplainable metaphysical experience.

Let me tell you about one experience I had with my son. A couple of years ago I had less than a good handle on my clairolfaction (psychic smelling) and thought I smelled gas in the house. I know now it was not gas but a spirit but as I always say if you are unsure don’t take any chances. So my son and I decided to spend the night at my parents house for the night just in case. My son was four years old at the time and the drive to my parents house was only five minutes. From almost the time we got in the car he kept asking me about my teenage neighbor I will call Sally. He kept asking me if Sally was coming to my parents house with us. At first I totally missed what he was really talking about and told him no that she was probably home getting ready for bed. By the time we neared my parents house he was still asking about Sally but more specifically if she was coming inside with us. I pulled in the driveway and he asked again and I told him that Sally was not in the backseat as he was saying and that she was home. Yes, by this time I was a little frustrated at his persistence that she was in the car with us. Okay, so I was rather slow thinking that night. I told him in a very frustrated voice “she is not back there! Turn around and look again!” he did and then with a surprised look on his face he started bawling. That is when I realized that he had been seeing a spirit sitting in the back seat that to him resembled our neighbor. He was quite upset by her sudden disappearance and bawled “Where did she go?!” for a few minutes until I could explain it to him in a way he could understand. We have had many such experiences which to someone so young can be very confusing.

You would think that with all these experiences my son would ask “Where do ghosts come from?” That question has never come up although the question of whether we die has many times thanks to my parents telling him that everyone dies at some point, and if you have gotten to know me even slightly you know I would say that is not exactly true, but I will save that explanation for another post.

So what is it that we see that we have labelled as being ghosts? Well, first of all, ghosts might give you the impression that some how the person you are seeing in the spirit is still here. Maybe as a lost spirit you might say. Maybe you might think that what you saw was attached to the building or the land and you would be partially right in a way. Some think that ghosts are spirits that don’t know they are dead and hence have not crossed over. That I can tell you is not true!

Around the Earth is something that is called the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid is metaphysical in nature and can be thought of as Earths storage grid and it stores life-force information. You are of course a life-force, correct? And every time you have incarnated to this planet you were a life-force. As I have explained in previous posts, time is not linear. Time does not move. It is events that mark time and give the impression that time is moving. It is also our belief system that gives us the impression that time is moving however it is not. Time goes more in a loop, going over and over itself. With that in mind think of the crystalline grid and how information must be stored in it. Not in a linear fashion but in an overlapping fashion. Layer upon layer and remember I said that the crystalline grid surrounds the Earth. As we live we are constantly imprinting information to this grid including experiences. Experiences with more of an impact of vibration can be thought to imprint to the grid in a way that leaves more of an impression whether those experiences are good or bad. For example, a couple having a heated, passionate fight leaves a great impression but so does the couple that makes mad, passionate love. Both create extreme vibrations just on opposite ends of the scale but both leaving impressions that have such an effect on the crystalline grid, that leaves such a strong impression, that where that event happened causes an IMPRINT!

Think about it! Think about it the next time you are doing something. Anything. You are imprinting to the crystalline grid and that imprint at some point once you have left this dimension could be still playing over and over like a record skipping for others to see. The only question is whether they will call you a ghost or an imprint.

Do you remember the original Star Wars movie and the hologram of Lea? Remember how it looked almost real but that it repeated once it got to the end of the recorded message…all together now…IMPRINT! The difference between the hologram in that movie and real imprints caused by the information stored in the crystalline grid is that you can interact with the imprint you see. If you just observe the imprint it will do what it does based on the information imprinted in the crystalline grid. You have probably heard of some hotel that is said to be haunted and the story is that a ghost is always seen walking down a certain hallway or is always in a certain room doing a certain thing whether that is walking from one part of the room to another and then sitting in a chair. There is even a video on YouTube of an imprint of Michael Jackson on video tape by a reporter doing a story on him at Neverland Ranch after his death. I bring that up because you are probably wondering about communicating with spirits. Many have heard of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are tied into the crystalline grid. All information that is imprinted on the crystalline grid is stored in the Akashic Records in a place called the Cave of Creation which is three dimensional and multi-dimensional at the same time. So it is very much a place that is like us, both 3D and also multi-dimensional which makes sense if you understand that the Earth is a sentient, conscious, energy as we are.

When we communicate with spirits the information we receive is actually coming from where it is stored, in the cave of creation. So, if you saw a ghost, which we know is an imprint, and you communicated with it the ghost/spirit could actually answer your questions although it is an imprint and not really your uncle who has long ago crossed over and left this dimension. The imprint is a part of the information stored in the crystalline grid and Akashic Records, and not just information of the past but also of the future. For those of you who want to know, when we incarnate to Earth a record of our being here is made in the cave of creation. We then live our lives and as we do everything is recorded, so to speak, onto the crystalline grid. When we leave this Earth we visit the Cave of Creation again and at that time everything that was imprinted to the crystalline grid is recorded in the Cave of Creation. Imagine a room that had a huge mainframe computer that store information on us, our life, our deeds, our every move we made, etc. So when some who is psychically developed asks questions of course they can be given the information…from the Akashic Records in the Cave of Creation.

There is of course much more to be said about the crystalline grid, the information it hold both past, present and future, and what you can do by accessing the crystalline grid. And I, with the help of my higher self,  will share that information as well.


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  1. Yes I have come across more than a few spirits in my lifetime. Once in my home some months back. He (a tall thin white guy) just was there all of a sudden walking into my home One time one had the form of my ex husband and was sitting in the back sit of my car staring at me intensely.. Life is truly amazing :)


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