Interview with Satya Kalra Founder of Path to Anandam

Satya Kalra Path to Anandam

Make sure you join us Wednesday, October 17th at 10:00pm EDT on Blog Talk Radio when our guest will be Satya Kalra, a founder of Path to Anandam!

Satya Kalra has been teaching and promoting how to enhance the quality of life the through spirituality to family, and business, to various groups and organizations for past 20 years. A few years ago she had a divine realization that led her to quit her job as a CEO and devote all of her time to self-discovery.

Satya will be talking about her bestselling book “Yoga Beyond Asana….The complete guide to blissful life.”

Satya will take you step by step on beautiful spiritual joinery and experience your true being, “Beautiful You” within.

Author of My question & God’s Answers, Yoga Beyond Asana…., Prosperity Forever…, Lasting Forever…. Birth, death…, Enjoy Worry-Free Life in 30 days… Blog:



To listen follow the link below or  call (714) 816-4750 to listen live!


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