Meaning of the Mockingbird Totem – Finding Your Soul Song


Yesterday after seeing the TWO male cardinal’s I asked for further information through a sign. My other totem appeared, the Mockingbird, with it’s beautiful song. It landed on the fence directly in front of me and then did a couple of hops up and down turning until it was facing in the same direction as me and with it’s back to me. Often when the Mockingbird appears to me it does a turning around as though to show me it’s whole self as though for recognition…so I will know which bird it is. Then it spread it’s wings showing the color pattern. This is actually something a mockingbird does when looking for food. The white in it’s wings that shows when they are spread like that reflects the sunlight and alarms insect that around and when the insect move from being alarmed the Mockingbird can spot them…for food. This act shows an ability to stimulate a response in others and is a part of what the Mockingbird has to teach. It can help by teaching you to flush out injurious insects aka people in your life and teach you to hear the true song of others.

The main thing that the Mockingbird has to offer though is helping you to find your sacred song (soul purpose) and recognizing your innate abilities/talents. Being a couragous bird it teaches us that we can move forward with our goals and bring forth that talent we have without fear of what others will think because regardless of how others may see you they will notice your actions and not your appearance.

I think it is interesting that I have the Mockingbird as one of my totem animals because I am an empath and it has a talent for mimicry. Mockingbirds can imitate other birds, cats, and even dogs. Some mockingbirds have a repertory of over 30 songs and calls of other birds. Mockingbirds will live close to humans because they are not afraid. They also like company, reflecting the idea that songs should be shared. They sing throughout the entire year, and will even sing while flying, which is rare among birds. They have also been known to sing by moonlight. The mockingbird can teach you about the power of song and voice. I can imagine that Jamie Foxx must have the Mockingbird as his animal totem.

Then last night I dreamed…well I was singing and although I don’t remember what song I was singing I remember that my mother and father were there and I remember thinking of what they are thinking about my singing talent because in the dream my voice was loud, clear and strong. In my dream I was an excellent singer. lol. I was in a garage and the door was being closed as I was belting out some song. The meaning? If you are closing the garage door, then it suggests that you are putting off your goals for the sake of others around you. Well, that’s the answer I was looking for because the question I asked was regarding my BF, ex-BF, being my soul mate. The mockingbird is telling me it is time for me to move forward and fully realize my talents and focus on my goals.

If you are interested in animal totems then I recommend the book “Animal-Speaks” by Ted Andrews. It was recommended to me a little over a year ago when I was struggling with learning to use my clairsentience. I didn’t understand it at the time and what it had to do with clairsentience but the person who recommended it knew why I would need this book in the future…I guess saw that I would have an animal kingdom thing going on. lol.

Then on top of everything else there is a song that has been stuck in my head all morning. Barbara Streisand is singing in my head the song “My Man.” I love that song…ummmm, but it has been playing in my head for HOURS now. I mean I like it but can I get another station for a while. lol.


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  1. Definitely concur with what you explained. Your explanation was definitely the simplest to fully grasp. I tell you, I typically get annoyed when people comment on issues that these people plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail on the head and spelled out every thing without problem. Possibly, folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Cheers


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