Mirror’s – Life’s Lessons and The Looking Glass

Let me tell you a story about a little boy and a woman who have no relation to each other. The little boy is a sweet, cute average 2nd grader. Typical child with a playful smile. Okay, the woman is me and the little boy is no relation to me but a little boy that goes to the same karate school as my son. Something always rubbed me the wrong way about this little boy. I could never put my finger on it but just looking at this child I got an ill feeling in the pit of my stomach. I noticed something about him that at the time I didn’t pay that much attention to. This little boy didn’t take losses well at all. It he lost a match, or was winning and suddenly lost after having won so many times, the disappointment on his face was clear and often gestures were also made that spoke of his great disappointment.  It was clear the little boy loved getting attention and you could see in how hard he tried and how he would sometimes look over towards his parents, not for approval but as though he was looking to get some big thumbs up.

It was not really all about what I had felt each time I had looked at him, I mean it wasn’t about whatever he was doing at the moment.  I remember thinking “Hmmm, his parents don’t act like that at all, so he didn’t get that behavior from them.” Of course not because it had to do with one of the lessons he planned to learn in this lifetime. Humility. I always think it odd when a child displays something at such an early age like this but when it has to do with one of the lessons they came to learn in this life time then it makes sense that they have that issue going on right from the start without them having to pick up the behavior from someone.I admit that I felt bad about the negative feeling I got every time I looked at this little boy because I always feel that all children are innocent no matter their behavior. Sweet little children that have as of yet to be too affected by the experiences of life who can teach us much but who we are usually too busy trying to master to see that. Well today I was talking to the little boys Mother and he was standing there as she was telling me how she went to a couple store in the strip shopping mall to get a few things since she was going to be at the Karate School’s open house until 2pm. Just then the little boy chimed to me in a full of himself kind of way “I have to stay here until two because I’m on the demo team!” I know that doesn’t sound bad when you read it in black in white but to hear it I immediately knew what I had been feeling from the little boy. The statement he made was lacking humility.

But, wait! There is more. As soon as I realized it was about a life lesson and what the lesson was…there it was. The reason the child rubbed me the wrong way every time I saw him. It was about the mirror. One of my majors lessons in this lifetime is humility as well. Whenever I saw him for me it was like looking in a mirror and that thing that I did not like to see in myself was put up to my face like I was looking into a mirror.

So often as I hear people talk about what has rubbed them wrong about what another person has done in my mind I am thinking “Well you do that too.” And the reason it bothered them so much is that it was like a mirror reflecting something within them that they needed to work on back at them.

So the next time you have an issue with someone or you can’t figure out why you just don’t care for a particular person, consider the mirror, take a look, and see what might be reflecting back at you from within your own self.




  1. rosa says

    Hi! I read your story about the little boy. Thinking about it, I normally don’t like people who lack of humility, but then when I see inside myself I can see some negative qualities on myself and I try hard to be humble because I hate people that aren’t. The tricky thing is that probably if one of my learnings in this life is humility, while trying to be humble to the world , I’m not showing my real me and feel repressed…


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