New World Map – Changes to the World Map?

Some time ago, possibly a couple of years now, I happened across information about Earth changes as far as geography is concerned and this included a graphic of a map that was the, what I will call, potential for what the Earth will look like in the future. It did resonate with me to the point where periodically thoughts of it come to mind (from my guides I am sure) when certain key things happen in the world. Most recently the BP Oil Disaster. At that time there was no doubt in my mind that it was the start of what was to be although I didn’t have a clear picture of how. Along with drastic weather changes, ice melting that supposedly should not, etc I did feel, sense, that these events where all tied in some how together.

I really dislike when I hear people saying “Oh, this is it…the World is coming to an end!” Comments like that are not helpful to humanity because what humanity needs are words that are in a high vibration. Words of hope, love and fabulously awesome potentials and possibilities that are more in line with a “Heaven on Earth” type of thinking. And no I am not just trying to fool myself but I have realized and know the power that we have within us all and if we just get together on a common cause, but in a positive way, we will see that all the things we witness that we shake our heads at are changeable if that is what we decide to do…and do it. There are many Light Worker’s in the world but compared to the total amount of the Earth’s population it is just a small number of those who are holding the light on Earth for all of humanity and this must change soon…and I think that it will.

Many things that are happening at this time, although hard to witness, are a part of a plan. The Earth is ascending and is going through changes just as we are going through changes along with her. If you want to know what is the deal with the whole “2012″ thing…that is it. We, Earth and all humanity, are ascending. What does that mean? I will try to put it in laymen’s terms. The Earth’s vibrations are increasing. Vibration is the speed at which energy travels. The reason you can’t see spirits is because they are at a HIGHER vibration aka they are moving so much faster than we are. To be able to see them or communicate with them you would have to raise your vibrations. To make it so than no matter what religion you are you can understand what I am saying…say we are at the lowest vibration of a number 1, then your Aunt Sally that passed away last year may be at a 3, and then there is your guide Max and he is at a 5, and then a particular ascended master is at a 7 and then maybe one of the archangel’s is at a 9 or 10 and then Source (God, Allah, etc) is at a 15. That is just an example so explaining would be easier. And lets say the earth is at a 4 to 5 right now. Now think of what ascension means…you are ascending…going higher in vibration of course. Higher and higher…get high enough then what would you have? Right! Heaven on Earth.  Now you can understand a little more what is meant in the bible by Heaven on Earth.

Other things are also happening that are affecting what is happening to Earth. The poles shifting for example. The simplest way for me to explain effects of a pole shift is to use the example of what if the north pole were the south pole and the south pole were the north pole. Or even what if they just shift fifty percent. What if the poles shifted and the north pole was located in Michigan? Then the weather in Michigan would be that of what we were use to seeing at what is considered the north pole now. Much colder weather. So then of course the weather in the states below Michigan would more like the states that were to the north of them. Of course that would also mean that what is now the North pole would be much warmer. My explanation may not line up with scientific explanations. Keep in mind this is information from other metaphysical sources.

Now keep in mind that low vibrating things are negative emotions, hatred, anger, resentment, jealosy, etc. Do it in the name of God and that does not make it better or change the vibration of it. What are high vibrating things? Love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. So what do you need to do if you want to raise your vibrations and help contribute to the raising of the Earths vibrations? And what will raising your vibrations bring you? A better life filled with happiness and love as well as drawing to yourself more positive wonderful things.

Here are some of the potentials that have been channeled regarding what the new world map would look like. Keep in mind maybe none of these potentials will come to pass:

Dr. Chet Snow’s 2012 Earth Changes Map

Michael Gordon Scallion New World Map

Lori Toye, Founder of I AM America

Edgar Cayce New World Map



  1. Sherry Andrea says

    I think you are probably not having the dreams because you did what you need to do at the time to get to a location that in the future will be easier for you to leave if it comes to that. Trust that you did the right thing and followed the guidance and that it is right even if right now you can’t see how you can leave from where you are easier than where you were. I also don’t think you have to worry about this any time soon. Relax and trust that you will get guidance when it is yet again time to take action and that the way will be made for you.
    Sherry XOXO

  2. mia says

    here it is The end of september of 2012 and i live in Lincoln California, and i have no way to evacuate this place at all… when i lived in San Francisco i had dreams constantly of miles high tidal waves that always came and swept everything and everyone away we would be running and hardly anyone would make it…..i had the dreams constantly and i wanted to leave the coast so badly until i finally did Oct of 2011 and they stopped… but according to the maps i would be in the same situation ANYWHERE on the west coast and i have no way at all to leave….

  3. mataripis says

    the rise in Ocean level may cause many parts of the land become part of the sea but will last for months or years.when sea water in the new North and South poles will develop/become Frozen .Many new land areas will rise and develop in Temperate and Tropical zones.

  4. Sherry says

    Only for purchase from various site that I am aware of. No, that means it is or was the most likely potential at the time the information was received.


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