Numerology – What’s the Deal with 777

7 Spiritual MeaningSome years ago, I don’t remember how many actually, there was a day when the stock market fell. That day ended at 777. I believe it was the Dow but I could be wrong. I received a lot of hits on my site since at that time I had an article about the meaning of 777. It was this exact page that I am now re-writing to give better and more thorough information.

The number 7 speaks of completion. If you are seeing many 7′s such as 777 this is the Universe telling you that you are doing well and will achieve your goal. If you haven’t attained success yet then success is just around the corner waiting to be realized.

So you may think that meaning makes no sense when it comes to the event of the stock market ending the day down considerably to the point where many may have lost their shirts (and pants, socks, belts, and pocket change), but it does make sense if you understand that many things in this world are being controlled without our knowledge. World events are often being controlled by a select few and the US financial market is also being controlled. It is well under control when the market just fluctuates a little and the result of a loss of control will see the market fall suddenly and crash. So what seems like a negative is actually a positive. When the market is left alone it does what it does including crashing. When it is being controlled then you can expect increase slowly with just subtle fluctuations.

So 777 that day symbolized freedom that can be celebrated. For those looking and paying attention the 777 was a message that the explanation for what happened was that the powers that be lost control of the market for a short time.

So seeing 777 is like receiving a pat on the back and a big congratulations for a job well done. Just like in Vegas sitting in front of the slot machine, if you suddenly see all seven’s this is usually a great accomplishment that will earn you big rewards.

Ask yourself what you have been working on as of late or working towards. What is the Universe congratulating you for? By the way, if you have experienced seeing 777, way to go and keep up the good work!

Some sites may take you a lot deeper when it comes to the meaning of 777, such as the site where she states “777 happens to also be the numerology of Twin Souls/Twin Flames united and merged. I am not surprised they would focus on it so much, it makes sense, since like vampires, they try to draw energy from there, from other´s they are jealous of, envy and so forth, just like Set felt. It happens to be a Number of Archangel Michael as well, because this Energetic Gate to higher Dimensions I mentioned, is GUARDED BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. He guards and protects the 777 Gate, which is a Gate within the “Borders” of Metatron´s Cube.”

That information is great because it gives you a deeper understanding however I would say to you to remember if you are seeing the number 777 and you feel certain it is a message you are being given most likely it points to the meaning of completion and success although we can always stretch things a lot and make it mean that the guy you are infatuated with is really your twin flame or that because you are working on yourself spiritually it means for you that you have access to a higher dimension. Based on what is going on in your life attempt to determined what you are being told. Often the meaning and the message is a lot more simple than we allow it to be and so we miss our message and being able to take advantage of the help we are being given on our journey.

So keep it simple. Once you know the basic meaning, take it from there and realize what the Universe is telling you.




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