Opening the Third Eye Via an Attunement?

The first thing in answering this question that I would want to know is what a persons understanding is of the healing modality, what their purpose is, and how and to what depth they can be used. All the healing modalities are for the purpose of healing and clearing however nothing can replace the work that we need to do such as opening chakras. If there was an easy way to open chakras, develop abilities such as the rarest ones like telepathy, or channel higher level spirits then everyone would be doing it including those who are psychic readers and already have developed abilities. There is no easy way, such as getting an attunement, or short cut method that will lessen the time and energy needed to be put into developing these things. Even to become a very effective healer there is a lot of work that must be done on your part and I don’t want anyone to run away from this work because the reward are very great indeed which I can attest to.

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  1. I agree. I completely agree that one must do the work. Thank you.

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