Personal Development – Getting Your Life Unstuck

You can be stuck when it comes to anything. Maybe you are feeling stuck because you have been out of work for a while. Maybe you are stuck because your relationship hasn’t been going well for some time. Maybe you are stuck because you are ready to get to where you are going already but things are moving so slowly for you. Maybe you have many things going on but you don’t have anyone special in your life to share everything with.

Whatever the reason for your feeling, stuck, stale, or just plain unsatisfied, you can turn that all around whenever you are ready.

First let’s talk about being READY. Being ready means more than just ready to tell someone, like me for example during a coaching session, what you don’t like or want to change in your life. You know that that alone will not bring about the changes you desire. Being ready means that you are ready to work and take action towards that change. I can tell anyone right now what to do that will absolutely change their whole life but that does not mean they will do what it takes. Often even when we know there are things we can do to change things we may still sit on our butts for a little while living with the problem instead of being solution based. It is easy to tell person after person about the things we would like to see change in our lives but it takes dedication to shut up and just start working. So the first thing you need to do is be on the look out for excuses. Notice if you are giving excuse when it comes to what you could be doing to help change your life. If you tell me that who might employ you are hair care salons or that they are who your product would be best for, naturally I am going to ask you if you get out there daily and visit them, talk to them, and give them your info, that is if you have gotten prepared and have info to give out. If I ask that and you say no I am going to wonder why. You want this change in your life and there is something you can be doing to bring it about so I would wonder why you are not doing it. Ask yourself, why am I not doing the things I know I could be doing. Don’t leave this question unanswered because then it will usually lead to you to continuing to not take action and action you take is key. Action is also key to making the law of attraction work and when it comes to what you have going on in your life the law of attraction and karma plays a role…always. For the law of attraction to work for you one important key is to take action (what are you doing towards that desired goal?) So you may be saying “I’m ready!” and spending time focusing on what you want and even sending out more positive energy than negative daily, but you may not be taking action and so you would be missing one important key to attracting what you want.

Again, I said “Whatever the reason for your feeling, stuck, stale, or just plain unsatisfied, you can turn that all around whenever you are ready.

Now lets talk about turning it all around. Often if you are not attracting what you want the causes of that are simple. Are you sending out enough positive energy everyday? Are you putting enough focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want more of? Are you taking action in some way? These three questions surround that basics of making the law of attraction work and turning things around. You should be getting a notebook and writing these questions down with the answers and then making a plan to continue focusing on doing those three things for a period of time or until you manifest the change in your life.

How long will it take?

The time something takes is always a concern. Often we need that change like yesterday! I can relate of course, but I have found even a solution for wanting to speed things up. Everything is within your control 100%, even how long it takes for change to happen. Things not happening fast enough? Let me give you an example that will help you understand why and why it is that you have control over that.

Let’s imagine that we can assign a number to everything. You great someone kindly and that is a +1. You help someone in line at the grocery store that finds they don’t have enough money and that is a +3. You get frustrated with a co-worker and stay a little annoyed with them all afternoon and that is a -3. You curse at a driver who cuts you off on your way home and that is a -5 maybe because of how much you ranted and raged when it happened. You basically get the idea I am sure. Now let me total those…the total is -8 +4 and I am left with a -4. Uh oh! A negative four?! Now the universe is the one doing the keeping track and totally. The ultimate accountant you could say. Once the totals are in the universe first determines if you are on the plus side or the negative side. If say you ended up on the plus side, maybe a positive 5 then the universe looks at what you have been focused on and tries to send you so of that in a good way. I mean, if you have been focusing on being out of work then maybe the universe will say a positive five is enough to get a phone call from a company you applied at. What happens if we are talking about the negative 4? The universe determines that it is on the negative side and still looks to see what you have been focused on and if it is getting a job the universe may send you more of what you don’t want. No phone call to set up and interview and there you sit at home wondering why the phone isn’t ringing.

As you can see from my example, you did have control over it all, but for things to be on the positive side and lead to positive change would have required you to have more control of yourself and your actions. Especially more control of your emotions.

Before you think that it looks like it will be very difficult for you to turn things around I am going to tell you a secret. This is key so you will not want to take this lightly. My use of the violet flame and saying decrees, prayer, mantras, etc helped me control what was going on with those numbers. I know what to do to make sure I end up on the plus side. Now, don’t look at this wrong. I am not getting rich…true…but that is not where my focus is. My focus most of the time is on my spiritual advancement and so that is the area I am usually rewarded by the universe. No matter what I have put out in a day, and maybe I had a bad day where I was grumpy all day for no reason and put out lots of negative energy, but guess what I can easily can the numbers because I have learned to use the violet flame daily to negate some of the negative energy and while I am saying prayers, decrees. mantras, helping someone, attuning people to Reiki, healing others, etc I am sending out loads of positive energy that is going to count in my favor.

Now, think about the power and control you have to turn things around and turn them around quickly. Yes, it takes a little action on your part and not just the action of using the violet flame or saying decrees or mantras, but also you will still need action (such as sending out resumes everyday) to make it all work for you.

Test it for yourself. Get a book on the law of attraction just so you well understand the basics of doing focus and intent properly. Then practice/test it out for yourself for two weeks. See what comes of it. What things happened that were positive things.

Don’t get discouraged if things seem slow moving at first. Sometimes we have spent a lifetime sending out negative energy and need a little bit of time to balance that all out but that is what you have the violet flame for. Use the violet flame to burn up some of the negative energy as well as some of your karma. The less karma you have the less weighed down you are. Weighed down the law of attraction is not as effective because you have too much dragging on you. So you the violet flame and the violet flame decree a lot in the beginning to give yourself a good start towards getting to a wonderful life that you are in control of.

I know you will have some questions such as how to use the violet flame and about intent and focus and how to properly do both, but if I tell you everything in this one post it will be book length. Feel free to set up and coaching consultation and we can discuss you maybe having one or two teaching sessions in which I will have time to tell you everything you need to know and make sure you get off to a good start.



  1. Daniel says

    Hello I apologize for this being completely off topic and don’t even know where to begin. I believe that there is something pretty similar is happening to me and would like advice and some answers, please contact me at my e-mail address as I’d prefer to ask you and find out some answers through e-mail. If not that’s ok, thankyou for reading.

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