Why Are Some People So Attracted To Another

Let’s talk about the Moth for a moment and the symbolism of it. Moths are nocturnal creatures, night creatures, who  conduct their life-sustaining activities in complete darkness. The moth navigates by lunar light and in the absence of such is still quite determined and often mistakes the feel of  artifical light for the lunar light they seek…so determined no matter the cost. Nocturnal creatures do not fumble and fall in the dark and so you could say that in absence of being able to see their way they feel their way instead with great determination and without questioning or hesitation.

I have coached countless people who have this type of attraction to another. That type of attraction they can not understand but that they follow and become a slave to because the pull is so strong. Often people tend to think that yes there must be a reason for this such as the person must be their soul mate. Possible, but in most instances this is not the case and even being told so they still feel the pull and continue on in determination to connect with the person as the Moth can’t help but be attracted to the flame in the absence of the moon light which it seeks.

The key here is the attraction and pull towards something you intuitively know you want and need. The light! We all have it. I often refer to it as our vibrations and the higher your vibrations the brighter your light. Have you ever wondered why Mediums attract spirits? The light/vibrations they hold is the key. I remember Silvia Browne explaining it as like the K-Mart blue light and how when that blue light was turned on in the store it meant a sale and everyone would flock to that area for the sale item. Funny, but that is a great example of what happens when something is attracted to someone’s light.

But let me explain a little deeper what is happening. This is not a like attracts like situation I am speaking of. Two like vibrations do not cause one or the other to exhibit destructive behavior. I am speaking of a lower vibration being attracted to a higher vibration. Much like the Moth, a light that is brighter in a way that it stands out enough that in the dark we would follow it because it is bright enough for us to energetically feel. And it is very much something that is happening on an energetic level that most are not aware of consciously. Much is always going on with our energy and vibrations between us all that we are not aware of consciously although it is possible to be consciously aware of it.

I can explain in another way. Let’s say Mary has this awesome energy everyone tends to be attracted to. You know the type of person I speak of. She walks into a room and even those with their backs to the door sense something and turn to see what it is they just FELT. She is at an office party and it seems that anytime someone starts talking to her the person tries to monopolize her like they just can’t break away from her. This person will find her over and over no matter where she moves in the room and no matter who she is talking to. To the other person she just seems so nice, easy to talk to and comforting although the person doesn’t know exactly why. Let’s say another person walks into the room and joins the party that has a higher vibration than Mary. Do you think this person will feel the same pull to Mary? No, of course not because this new person has a very bright light also and won’t feel a pull as the other did. No, this new person will feel something different and more like a like attracts like type of feel. When and if they communicate they will sense the sameness in the other. They will sense something familiar. They will hit if off well and they will communicate on the same level and quite easily. They will feel it in a way that feels to them like they may have a lot in common and indeed they do for it is their light that is very similar. While they are both the flame attracting moths only the other is the moth, and when I say that I am speaking of their similarities and differences when it comes to their vibrations. So the next time you hear yourself say “There is just something about him/her?” You will understand what it is you are feeling and how you react to it will be up to you to consciously choose.

Empaths experience this type of attraction to themselves. I am not only an empath but I have also suffered from social anxiety most of my life. Although I am now in control of my social anxiety you can imagine how it must be to be a flame scared of the moths I see flying towards me. lol. Empaths not only have the ability to feel and experience what another is feeling as though it were them exactly but also empathy is not a one way street. We feel but we also project and often we are projecting back what it is we are picking up for another person. Put in a simple way, it is like someone walking up to an empath that is holding a mirror. Oh, and now here is where like being attracted to like comes in to place. An empath is not experienced as themselves always but often as the other person. You are not looking at me but looking at me as though you are looking into a mirror. If you are angry or something is bothering you and I pick that up, as you communicate with me you may find yourself getting even more angry. As you look into that mirror you are seeing and experiencing what you are putting out to me energetically. There have been many people I have known that did not care for me even though they didn’t know why. It is often hard to look in that mirror and see the truth and that is what an empath does. They hold the mirror up close to your face so that you see all those things that you both like and do not like about yourself.

I know it sounds like an empath would have a hard time of it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the best methods I have found for shielding others from the brightness of my light is the White Tube of Light. The explanation of the White Tube of Light or what is also referred to as the  ”protective white light of God” and probably something else in other cultures and various religions, deserves a full and thorough explanation and I will explain that in another post and link it here.

Just know that there is more going on than meets the eye when it comes to attraction and if you should find yourself attracted to someone like a moth to a flame that does not mean that you have to pursue what you are feeling and is not an indication that another is your soul mate and that you must have that person at all cost. Remember what happens to the moth that in the absence of moon light mistakes the flame for what it seeks.


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  1. Sherry Andrea says:

    It’s simple. Empaths are transmuters of negative energy. If you are a natural transmuter of negative energy then it would stand to reason you would attract that which you can transmute. That is the moth to a flame. As a natural transmutter of negative energy you are that transmutting flame and energy that needs to be transmutted would of course be attracted to that.

  2. sam silverman says:

    I think these are some good points but there are some other questions or un-spoken parts that I dont see filled…

    I’m empathic, dealt with this before. But I’m sure there are plenty of higher vibing people out there but for some reason my energy chooses to draw to a specific person. I try and resist the gravitating feeling towards them. I even have this person reoccur in my dreams. There’s even been a girl who doesnt do anything and I felt the pull towards her…. she was in a lower place than me. I believe there is something else going on besides a moth and flame. But all I can say is I hope the sun comes out so I can navigate anywhere.

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