Speaking of Numerology – Meaning of the number 2, 22 and 222

I can remember a time when I was seeing 2′s everywhere  all the time. I was seeing 2:22 as the time, two’s in license plates, two’s in the amount of money purchases would ring up to or the change due, and even two’s in the animal symbols as messages that were being sent my way as in the male and female cardinal or two mockingbirds. This was during a time when I was just starting down the path of the spiritual journey I have been on and had more questions than understandings. It was during a time when I still didn’t understand the most basic things that were so important I be able to see.

Duality speaks of a ying and yang. It says that for up there must be down, for good there must be evil, for heaven there must be Earth (and yes there is a reason I did not match that up with hell and that is another topic of conversation lol), and that understanding that everything has its polar opposite just as the north pole has the south pole. It’s all about the right balance!

There is actually duality in what the 2′s mean. It could be saying to you that you are doing well, are on the right track and should continue heading in the direction you are going. But it can mean its opposite and thus could be saying maybe you need the other half of what you already have such as a little help. Ask yourself if you ask for help enough. Do you allow others in to help you as often as you should. Do you have something going on in your life where you should ask for help or advise from a professional, or do you need a second opinion on something. Have you been having problems lately with a relationship or have you been being the hermit lately.

The Number 2…

A single two “2″ signifies choices and balance. It speaks also of partnership(s). Think about what you have going on in your life. Have you been sitting on the fence and not making some decision because of a state of indecision you are in? Are there things in your life or things that are leading to an imbalance. Possibly it is a boyfriend or girlfriend who is not a good vibratory match for you and there is no balance in the relationship. Ask yourself if you are getting out of the relationship what you need, even if it is a parents/child relationship. The two wants us to do what is best for us, what is best for who we really are, that divine soul.

The Number 22…

Seeing the number 22 is very strong and powerful being that it is considered a master number. In numerology a master number is never broken down to a lesser number such as 22=2+2=4. The number 22 is also considered a MASTER BUILDER in that it has the energy that when it reaches its full capacity the impossible will be made possible such as an idea that everyone told you would never work, but you had the energy of the 22 on your side and so nothing could stop you from bring your idea to fruition.

22 has the energy of leadership, great ambition, huge ideas and the self confidence to pull them off. If you are seeing the 22 a lot as well as the 22 along with the 11, then you might want to get your numerology chart done and see if you have a life path of 22 which would explain why you are seeing 22…because it is WHO YOU ARE!

The Number 222…

You may be seeing the number 222 often. Possibly on the clock’s time, license plates, or the amount your goods ring up to. The number 222 is considered a repeating number and that screams, pay attention to me and the message I have for you. Repeating numbers were also labelled Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and means that it is a message from a higher divine place or from Angels. As an Angel Number it is like the Angels telling you that you are on the right track and to keep up the good work. If you have been pondering an idea, doing something, changing jobs, etc and start seeing the 222 then it tells you to go ahead because your idea is in line with you soul’s purpose. Seeing the 222 is like getting a big thumbs up from the angels.


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  1. That is the way u always want to think. In terms of everything being a part of God and the system he has setup. U do not want to miss the point or rather the meaning. So if this is a message from God and u understand then lets focus on what the message is telling u. 22 speaks of duality. The difference between seeing and living in reality versus illusions. It also speaks of balance. There was a time I saw 2′s a lot also and eventually I learned that lesson ans successfully incorporated what I learned into my life and moved in to the next lesson and I took this seriously because the thought is what if even after this lesson there alre 50 more lessons. How long can I afford to take working on any one…especially since I didnt awaken and start working on myself consciously until I was in my early 40′s.

  2. I started seeing number 22 and 11 just recently.. It was then that I found out that I have a life path number of 22 in numerology upon using the 3-cycle pythagorean method/calculation. My birthday is 08/16/1987, 8+7+7=22. Its weird but I want to consider this as a sign from God. I definitely have big dreams in life and I trust God that He has wonderful plans for me. More wonderful than my own plans.

  3. I always see the number 2 as something to share. Life is made to be share and the best things in life happen with a partner. I totally agree with you about the right balance.

    The number 22 is also a beautiful number. Since I was a kid, I see it as two ducks floating in a lake. It is just perfect.

    On the other hand, I didn’t see any meaning in the number 222. However I will follow your advice from now on and I will see it as a positive signal for change.

    Thank you!

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