Symbolic Meaning and Animal Totem-Guide – The Squirrel

I am always in a state of change which is of course normal. For those of you who don’t like change, well let me break it to you, everything is always at every moment in a state of change. So when I looked up the meaning of the squirrel I did not find some of the meanings that said the squirrel signified change helpful. I thought “Well, okay, but I am always in a state of change, so what is so different about this time?”

As I have said before to really understand the meaning of a symbol you think you are receiving you would have to related it specifically to what is going on in your life. So you would first want to know the meaning in general at least and then think of the various things you have going on at the time. With that said you can see that it is best to translate a symbol right away and not wait a year to tell someone of the experience hoping at that time you can remember what you had going on in your life then.

Squirrels are very resourceful. I have watched them more than I should admit and I love how they will dig in my front yard, in the mulch, looking not just for the acorns they have buried but they are not against digging up acorns that other squirrels have buried. What I found funny to watch is a squirrel feverishly digging, finding and re-burying the acorns. I could tell they were not ones he had buried but that he was randomly digging and whatever he was finding he was re-hiding it.

So if suddenly you are seeing lots of squirrels or their behavior seems to be different such as they are in the middle of the road up on hind legs in the path of your car, you are walking along and they seem to be in the trees every where and of course they are being over all more noticeable to you than usual, then pay attention. YOU NEED TO KEEP WORKING!

Still don’t get it? Is there something you should be doing that you are not or have stop doing? For example, if you have slacked on your meditating when you know how important that is for you to do on a regular basis (Sherry raises her hand cause she is guilty of that one).

So I am more than willing to use myself as an example if it helps you to understand something. So the squirrel is telling me that I have been slacking a little although I still have the same expectations of what should be going on in my life. It is like saying I am not working on practicing clairvoyance but expect to be an expert some any way. Well why would I expect that if I am not continuing on with the work like the squirrel does. The squirrel doesn’t ever stop and say “Hmmm, yeah, I think I have put enough acorns away. Time to play and goof off for the rest of the year!” No the squirrel keeps working at it and there is never a time when the squirrel is done with what is a major part of the life they live.

Don’t stop working on _________. You fill in the blank. If you have some squirrel action going on around you then what is it that you need to be doing that you are not? Are there desires that maybe you express to God or your higher self, things you want, but you are not doing the work and taking the action to help make it happen?

The squirrel says you have it in you and it is who you are. Be resourceful, it is who you are! Never stop working at it as though you are done and always act like you are not! You will have more than enough when you really need it as long as you don’t think there is a limit to how much you should do.

Take action like the squirrel!

If the squirrel is your animal totem then you are a very resourceful person. Given a task you will be sure to get it done and go over and above what is expected of you. To most people you probably seem tireless because they never see you rest. You are not all work though and people often catch you playing and you play just as hard as you work. Although you are responsible and can always be counted on when needed you will stop in the middle of work and take a little time for a friendly game of chase before getting back to work. You are quick on your feet and when the need arises you can switch direction very easily so you are awesome to have on tough projects where unpredictable things are always coming up…you are always ready to pivot in another direction at a moments notice. Wow…are you available for hire?!

This is my interpretation and I invite you to check out other interpretations such as on one of my fav sites


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  1. Brian says:

    OMG! Now that I think about it, squirrels have recently come to my path way too often. I have never seen it that way but this post has been very revealing. I think I need to take care of some stuff in my life. Thanks

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