Symbolic Meaning of Seeing Ants

It’s okay if you laugh a little. Yes, I am writing about the ant. I recently read on a website that “everything occurring in our external lives is a result, symptom, or reflection of our internal life.  And so, we can effectively look at our life situations as a metaphor or parable.

What led me to find the meaning of the ant is that these industrious little creatures for some time now have been finding their way in my home. Lots of them. No matter how hard I try to do things to deter them from coming…they just keep coming. And the ants seemed to be coming from no-where. I mean there is no line of ants leading back to a door or a window with a crack. A friend suggested that they are coming in through the walls or underground. Possible yes, but more and more I began feeling there was something more to it because I could keep other creatures/bugs away, so why not the ants.

A day after I was release (okay…I released myself) from the hospital where surrounding that visit I had gotten repeated number symbolism of 411 and 432 (6 or information and 9) I was again battling ants. I decided to look up the symbolism and meaning surrounding them and what I found matches up with what has been going on in my life and things I am working on. I thought I would share with you in case you have experienced this too and like me you thought an ant was just an ant…maybe it was, but just possibly maybe it was not. hmmmm.

Insects are progressive, and proactive, always adapting to the environment, and never letting little things like natural disasters get in their way of progress. When we get discouraged, we could all learn a thing or two from insect animal totem meanings. It’s their unsinkable nature that reminds us to keep moving forward for progress.

Those critters that make us squeamish and shiver as though something is crawling on us such as ants, spider, mice, snakes, etc represent the side of things that are not obvious on the surface, the underlying things, and the perspective that we don’t have and have to dig to uncover.

Meaning of seeing antsIf the Ants are in your house…

There are two symbols here to translate. The ant and the house, at the least. Since the house stands for the self then that means it has to do with you and not another person. So it is about you. The house speaks of security, structure, foundation, safety, protection and contentment. So even if these are the only two symbols I have to translate I would wonder if you are taking on to much yourself and maybe need to start asking others for help, even if you have the “I can do it all myself” mentality, because possibly taking on too much is weakening the foundation that is your life. I would also wonder if possibly you are having some problem with a group you work within such as co-workers or family. I have also seen the ants suddenly come a day after making a decision to break ties with someone where for some reason it wasn’t a good idea at that time. Maybe you are thinking about splitting from a business partner or you are not getting enough help from a business partner. Ants symbolize diligence, so is there something you are not putting enough of yourself into, such as some project that needs more of your attention. Ants also symbolize conformity. Are you just going along with the group instead of making your own way based on what you are guided to do? Are you being a follower and maybe too much of a follower? Emotionally speaking have you been feeling small and insignificant? Ask yourself all these questions before reading more and see what might come to the surface that makes you say “Oh yeah, that’s it!”

If the Ants are in your bedroom…

The bedroom represents something more close and personal to you and possibly something more private. So if it is the bedroom then look a little closer to home. Look at those things that are personal that you don’t usually share with others. It could be something so personal that you feel it would be embarrassing to share it or could be something you keep hidden like a dislike for someone or a bias. Is there some truth about yourself that maybe no one else would know? Just think  of all those close, personal and maybe even intimate things. Are you feeling insecure with some intimate relationship? Are you not letting others get close to you and possibly keeping someone at a distance that is trying to get to know you better or help you like that new boyfriend or girlfriend?

If you are getting bit by the ants…

I feel for you if this is what you are going through. When messages and guidance comes by way of something like this you may be glad for the help but a little annoyed by the help. Getting bit by ants as a part of something you are being told is like a cure being worse than the illness.

Is there something small irritating you lately? Maybe it is not something huge but something that in the skeem of things is a small issue but irritating none the less. Maybe you are getting bit many times and it is not just a one time thing but every day for a while. Possibly there are many little annoyances in your life that you need to begin dealing with and resolving. Maybe at one time you just let them go because individually they small like no big deal, but now there are many. Start looking at the things in your life or things and people you are dealing with on a regular basis and determine if there is something you need to take care of. Possibly there is nothing to take care of other then the fact that you are letting yourself be bothered by certain things. Maybe you are getting more upset about these little things than you should. Take on a new attitude and work on not letting the small things in life bother you. If what bothers you is having to conform, go along, or listen to that nagging Mother, Father, Brother or Sister, put an end to allowing them to do this to you. Refuse to discuss certain things with certain people and take control.

If the Ants are crawling on you…

This is a more in your face drastic measure for them to be seen and noticed. I would say what it is about must be important for you to see. The next thing to consider is what part of you are they crawling on. Is it always your legs, or arms, or does there seem to be no pattern to where they are crawling on you and so nothing more with that to interpret? Arms signify support and legs speak of our path and the direction we are taking.

Possible Dream Meaning -

Carrying your own weight; strength; industrious. Also can symbolize annoyance, little things that bug you. Hard work, strict discipline, team work and conformity.  Also conformity to society, a need to cooperate, a cult representing overwhelming obedience to a group. Possibly also something that bugs you or pesters you. It is very important to ask the question of what does the ant make you think of since the meaning can differ so widely from person to person. Compare the meanings to what is currently going on in your life, problem, what has been bothering you or what you have recently ask for help with.


In summary, if you think the ants in your life are trying to tell you something then the questions to ask yourself are:

Do you need more of a team effort going on in your life?

Do you not ask for help enough?

Are you over burden at this time in your life with a lot to do or a huge project to work on?

Do you usually not ask for help, although many may come to you for help?

What small irritations are in your life that get under your skin?

Are you being too much of a follower or is there something you want to do and you can’t decide whether to go along with the masses or be your unique and wonderful self 100%?

Is there some things or a project you are not giving enough of your attention to? Are you not making enough of an effort with something?

Whatever your answer, it is time to fix these things if you have the ant(s) appearing in your life.


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  1. Sherry, what a great article! I have had ants in my house for a couple months and didn’t bother but now they became so obvious that I decided to look for the spiritual/metaphysical meaning of it. “Progress”, “conformity”, “breaking ties” resonates so well with my current life situation. Thanks for the insight. Would love to have coffee with you next time I’m in Orlando. I’m in FTL. All the best for you.

  2. Hi Brenda, Just like a good book you can’t put down I too want to know what you are being told because it gives me a feeling like you are getting major guidance/help with something and you have a major symbol of the snake included. I will translate it for you and be back with the meaning. I will email it to you first and then you can let me know if it is okay to post it here as a reply.

  3. Brenda says:

    I dreamed that I was involved in a basketball game( I am an adult and was put on a team) and I had left my son with his grandmother in Arkansas.I was wondering where my son’s father ( my ex )was. But, my granddaughter was calling me during the game wanting to talk to me on the phone. Then it switches to I am at strange area that had a small door that you had to crawl out of to leave. When I got to the door, I noticed ants were rolling out the door in swarms. My oldest daughter screams ” mom ants!” They were red ants and I could also see some crawling downward. I decided to take a chance and push through the swarm of ants to escape.Then once I was on the other side of this stone wall, I noticed that my daughters and their kids were stuck on the side where the ants were. I was attempting to walk to corner to see how I could help them and I see a HUGE snake. It doesn’t come towards me but goes over the wall where they are. I try to warn them and I see the snake strike but whom I am unsure. The snake then turns it’s attention towards others who are there. I notice lots of smaller snakes on the ground but am able to walk over them. There is an opening in a nearby fence and me and 3 other people run to a truck to escape. It’s now dark and I am unable to see where the driver is going but we are all holding on to this jeep to get away. That’s when my eldest son wakes me by ringing my door bell. Ugh, what does it all mean???

  4. keeno says:

    I usually do things on my own and dont want others to get involved with what I do, so probably ants were sent to me as a message to enlighten me and change me and my ways. Thank you. :) You enlughtened me but I hope they’ed stay out of my bed coz it’s been a week and I cant getsome deep

  5. Aqhuina says:

    To add to the above it was only on my wall the other wall was very clear and he entire room had no ants.They seem to only fancy my bed wall which i found odd and symbolic so i found you

  6. Aqhuina says:

    I had a dream last night . I was in a strange but familiar place i had been assigned a room with 2 beds in it both against the wall. The other bed was empty and made. I could slowly see the ants around the house as i came back to my bed they had almost covered the wall in what seemed like chains. It seemed like they were forming some type of a symbol or letter i could not recognize at the time. I was not threatened by them nor was i uncomfortable. I was not bitten but they got on my bed and i decided to go to the store to get a spray hesitatingly that’s when i woke up and found you

  7. Natalie says:

    Thank you for creating this post, it made for an easy find on the symbolism of ants. While I’ve been paying more attention to symbolism in my life overall, I will say that ants are a common thing where I live. I’ve lived in several apartments in a particular city, and in each one, every spring for about a week or two, ants make their way in to the main floor. I’ve been seeing smaller groups of them (5-10) scurrying around busy with something. But I also found masses of deceased ants in my meditation corner. Just to the right of that i noticed a cobweb with a resident spider. I’m sure there’s some symbolism at play here. But the consistency of having a minor ant infestation for a couple of weeks at the same time every year, under the same circumstances, leaves me to wonder a bit.

  8. Of course because it is ants I have to ask about others involvement in this business venture. Because the ants often speaks of working as a team while at the same time the ants indiviually are strong. But wait…there is another symbol here. Your hand. Hands speak of communication. The first thing that popped out at me was you speaking with others about the venture, maybe getting advice, or a little assistance along the way when you need to. Funny thing is I was telling my son last night “A strong and smart person knows when to ask for help.” Is it the left hand or right hand? If the left hand I would say it is telling you there is someone telling you something wrong or advising you wrong. If your right hand then it speaks of getting assistance or advice…or that someone trying to tell you something about it is right. So if someone has been trying to push you a little to go ahead and take the plunge and do this…then they are speaking the truth and helping you to accomplish your goal in doing so.

    Now that I have told you what hand means…what comes to you? Does it make even more sense?


    Sherry :-)

  9. Hi Sherry – Just today, the first time, an ant crawled on my hand this morning – I thought nothing of it at the time, I just flicked it away. Again later today, another ant crawled on my hand? I thought, ok what’s this telling me? It’s uncanny though, because today is when I had to decide whether to purchase something that I hesitated to at first, because of the amount of money involved to get a new business venture started. Seeing that this is something I almost missed (the ant) I thought ok this must be a sign – what’s it telling me? It’s never happened to me before. I discovered your website while searching online as to what ants represents. I was pleased to know that the ant is a positive symbol after all! – and I almost missed its messages. I have now since purchased this new busines venture! Now I pray this is a really good thing! since I will be working with others to be successful in this new business together – as an ant would do.

  10. Barbara says:

    At home and walking down the hallway I notice in these black specks on the carpet. I proceed into the guest bedroom and there are flying ants all over the floor and covering part of the wall near the window. They are crawling and everywhere I look I am seeing these ants with wings. I decided to use the vacuum to get rid of them. I put shoes on and roll my pants up as I do not want them to get on me. I started vacuuming but the ants moving and flying around was too much. I found some spray repellent and fog the room, open the window and left home. I return home with the smell of repellent and all the ants are deceased. I put out candles to clear out the repellent odor and went to bed. The next day I spent vacuuming the deceased ants and washing the coverlet for the bed in the room.
    I am always tuned into what crosses my path and the message the Universe is sending me. Sometime it is easy to understand and at other times I have to sit with it for a minute. The day before I had a session with a healer and we worked on feeling safe and unconditional love for self. Moving forward is healing the past and letting go of the pain and what we do to ourselves to keep the cycle going. So in reading about the ant I find that which resonating with me is the perseverance and endurance. To keep going with the work I am doing to heal the issues of the past. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Digging in the darkness of the unconscious is arduous. It is like the waxing experience of pulling strip off of one’s lip. PAIN!!!! Then there is the awareness, letting go and healing. Beautiful! The ant’s arrival is the coming out of the darkness and to TRUST that God will provide. I am being reminded to remain faithful, keep going and my divine guidance-GPS navigation is working to get me to perfect place at the perfect time. ONWARD…………

  11. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for your reply oh so many months ago. For some reason I did not see it. I like ants. I do think they are bringing me a message or encouraging me. Your suggestion that their biting was their urging me to listen to their message/meaning resonates with me. I certainly prefer that to thinking that I am hexed. Thoughts ARE things and we have to be careful to which thoughts we give our energy.
    Our “pet” ants are coexisting with us peacefully right now. Every now and then we wake up to find our counters covered with ants even if we cleaned it before bed…or they party in the bathroom sink. I’ve grown
    accustomed to their presence and I even feel tender towards them.

  12. I can totally relate to you observations. I have constantly had to observe the ants at work on a regular basis and being a spiritual person as well as an artist I couldn’t help but wonder about the symbolism as you. However, I also thought community & cooperation/teamwork. Which is in alignment with the community & cooperation received from family & friends as I have been on a breast cancer journey.

    Take care.

  13. Wow I just wrote pretty much an essay and then it wouldnt go through, guess I should keep it short and sweet :)
    maybe point form Heee hee
    1st ant incident:
    whilst doing a 10day meditation retreat I would feel like there was and ant crawling on me but when i would sneakily open my eye to check there would be nothing there.
    2nd ant incident:
    2 years later whilst on a yoga teacher’s training course I always seemed to have 1 ant on me whilst meditating, I just got used to it.
    3rd continual ant incident:
    pretty much since the yoga retreat I have had ants on me all the time, I just blow them off (best way without hurting them) I jumped straight into a massage course when I returned so I havent really stopped ( trying to better myself) anyway been super run down and all over the shop lately and the ants are everywhere, yesterday at the beach I was trying to record myself saying affirmations so I could listen to and repeat them whilst driving and there was ants all over me biting me even when I moved more appeared, even as I write this there is one cruising on my keyboard. what the?

  14. Hi, I’m doing a project at school regarding ants and what they symbolize. Would you mind telling me where you found your information?

  15. Interesting, i usually like ants but this time they keep coming to my bed and on the side that i sleep on ( left side of the bed) its so weird they bite me sometimes somis it ok to kill them? Please help me why they keep coming to my bed side only. Thank you

  16. Joshua says:

    Hi! I´m from México. Something really weird is going on in my room at random nights… An ant walks through my wall. At first it was freaking cause I´m not surrounded of anything that could call it like wood or hearth, may be plants etc. etc. I decided just to keep it away of my mind. Some weeks pass through and I had not seen the insect till´ yesterday. I read many people troubles with ants, ant-s, but seeing just a black big one walking around your place is freaking. What do you think about it?

  17. I had a dream of ants. It was like I woke up in a room with a mattress on the floor. I’m under the covers. I wake up & all 4 walls covered in ants.. It was like on each wall they went from super small to big w/ wings! Can somebody help me figure out the meaning please..

  18. Sherry,

    Interesting article. I feel like ants have been getting progressively more pervasive in my life. At first, it seemed normal. The small black ants would march from the back door straight to the dog bowl. Daily. We tried cleaning up the scent trail but alas, they kept coming back, everyday. We tried traps, but they weren’t sugar ants. I finally caved and called the landlord and asked for extermination services (the dog couldn’t eat unsupervised anymore), and they suddenly disappeared. Then they reappeared, long lines of black ants marching through our towels and folded linens in the linen closet. This time I let them be. I shook out and washe what I needed from the closet, but left them alone. They too, suddenly disappeared. Next, tiny near microscopic ants would scatter all over the floor of my bathroom. Once they were gone, the fire ants started coming. They would weave their way through the dirty laundry, and for the most part we would avoid them. Then one morning I put on a pair of jeans I had left by the bed. It was full of ants. I got at LEAST 6 or 7 bites before I got them all off of me. I tore the jeans off, changed pants, and left for work. Same thing happened the next morning with a different pair of jeans. This was a few weeks ago. A few days ago. Standing outside work, a red ant bites my toe. The following day, a fire ant bites my other foot outside my front door. Yesterday, cleaning up clothes my boyfriend left in the office, (which, surprise! Have fire ants all over them) I get bitten on the finger. TODAY at work, a sugar ant seemingly materialized on my hand. I can’t seem to escape them. I appreciate the messages of hard work, industrialism, news, etc. that ants bring; but maybe I’m missing something? They seems to be trying very hard to show me something I’m not understanding. Help me, if you can!

  19. Hello!
    I know within the past couple of years I’ve attracted ants more than ever. They are many of them usually in my closet or in my restroom its kinda just become the norm. I stay in Dallas and for the weekend went to Austin stayed at my friends place and she was shocked when all this ants appeared from the nowhere in her kitchen then again a huge ant by the couch I was sitting. Both of us being very spiritial and knowing what you had mentioned earlier about symbolism in external life she asks if I just attract ants. Yes! Earlier we both watched a film in which this lady character in particular stood out to me by her saying, ” I don’t want to be an ant.” She refers at as ant being in this orderly fashion and not stepping away from their line. I relate that to my the transition in my life and enjoyed reading that the Native American reference. Thank you bunches for reading this has helped me connect them!:)

  20. Jordan Mullen says:

    Hello. Great blog! Informative as well, because I discovered ants in my 2nd bathroom. I live in an apt. and we had a leak in the other bathtub, so today was the day they repaired the leak, and that bathroom is still drying, so it’s off limits for the next couple of days. Back to the ants: I have no idea where they’re coming from. There’s no food in the bathroom, and it’s very clean. I’m pretty grossed out about these ants in my bathtub. I’m trying to open my mind to the message, meaning, symbolism, and spirituality about them, but man, my mind is just filled with thoughts of EWWWW and How Gross and I keep my apt. clean. I think I freak out about bugs because in the apt. I lived in before this one, I had a silverfish infestation. Literally, an infestation. Supposedly they only come out at night, but I had them all the time, night and day. I worked from home most of last two years, and would look on the wall, and there’d be one. On average, I vacuumed up 20-30 per day. Some dead, some dying. They got in my bed, they got in my dresser drawers, they got in the clothes hanging in my closet. They even got on me. Very gross! I have no idea what their meaning is, because, I can’t bear to look at ‘em. I’m like this with ants, too. I realize everything has it’s place on the earth, and I do try to respect it, but where is the happy medium between me wanting a bug free (or as close to bug free) environment as possible. Thank you for letting me babble on, and also many thanks for the explanation about ant meaning. I will really try to put it to good use.

  21. trent says:

    I keep seeing one ant , on my laptop , inside the house. It happens. its always ONE . I have no idea where it comes from. This has been helpful thank you .

  22. This morning I woke up, on my stomach, with a tiny reddish ant crawling around right under my breast bone. I haven’t seen any ants in my bedroom and couldn’t find any others this morning. I had just been to the doctor two days ago because I believe I had a heart attack, but I didn’t get to the doctor right away, so the ekg was ok. But the feelings in my chest have not eased up. I will be getting more tests soon. Because I couldn’t find other ants it seemed odd to find one ant in the middle of my bed, tickling my breast bone. So my first thought was that it was a sign, a symbol of something. What do you think the symbolic meaning of that is?

  23. maria pallares says:

    Ever since my Mon passes away 5-8-2012
    I have this. Problem ants all over my house
    Why and how I dnt know.
    I’m a clean person someone please help me

  24. Thanks for this post… Ants seem to be a good thing! I knew there must have been a reason why they were in my home; I deserve the goodness and abundance that comes to me. Thank you ants!

  25. Sherry says:

    All the ants work equally as hard. You can’t really point out one ant and say “That one is not working as hard as the others.” What are your superiors perceiving? What is it that they are seeing that are making them think you are not meeting their expectations. With the ants we don’t really expect to see one working harder than the others but see them as a group working together. Do you do projects with other co-workers? Is there someone among the co-workers that is making others feel you are not working well?

  26. In terms of my working life, i am facing some challenge to understand few things which appear to be quite negative around.. Feel as if i am not being able to live upto my superiors expectations.I can be wrong also as there has been no direct communication in this regard from nyone..

  27. Sherry says:

    RR, What’s going on in your life right now that may be related to working together with someone, family, friends, co-workers, a project?

  28. Its been 4 days i have got this ant problem in my kitchen and living area. These ants are suddenly appearing all over the floor..There is no open window or door, they are just appearing from some where.. What does this signify..

  29. Last night as I climbed the stairs to bed, I saw a carpenter ant. Never seen one in the 6 months I have been here. Then this morning, I put on my shoes and I feel somehing…there was a carpenter ant in there! So, I know, this has got to mean something because of all the shoes I could have chosen…and all the moments I could have ascended the stairs…there is, I know, no coincidences.
    But here’s my dilemma. CARPENTER ants are DESTRUCTIVE. Somehow, that has to play into this. Ants being symbolic of persistance and carrying a heavy load yes, but I would be interested in your take on the destruction symbolism. Thanx.

  30. Sherry says:

    Very interesting! It points to team work which you could say you had going on when you had the personal assistant there but then the ants were more like annoying nats when they were flying. So what was going on with the assistant…were you not pleased with him, was he doing something annoying? I get that you don’t really work well with someone buzzing around you. That is how I see what was going on…it is like you are working and he is buzzing around you, not meaning to be annoying or anything like that, but this seems to affect how you work and get things done. Maybe a plan B would be better. Maybe you both shouldn’t be in the same space at the same time working and doing things. Like I said very interesting. :-)

  31. Shante says:

    HI, I was sitting at home hiding away from the world because i felt overwhelmed by everything I have on my plate, my sorority duties, graduation this week, cleaning my house, working, accommodating my family. dating (or lack there of) and many other regular life duties… and then after hiring a personal assistant for the week, I start to see little flying bugs all over, while im in bed, I jumped quickly to see if they were bed bugs because they are all over NYC, they weren’t. so i killed one, then two then like 10 i was ready to have a heart attack, they were flying ants I later notice, they forced me out of bed and to my couch, i woke up the next morning and boom there was a bunch of them dead all over my floor by my window, where i was sleeping, NOw im like what the hell!!!!!…. first thing i did was go on line to identify these things, turns out they are flying ants. when ever crazy things like this happen I have to think about the symbolism of it. this was very helpful, I can identify with it on so many levels,

    I guess i will hire my assistant for the day since hes already starting on work, and then fire him pull up my boot straps and get to work doing like the ants do and create some order in my life…. or keep the assistant and he can help create order.

  32. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  33. I have also had an ant encounter today whereby I discovered a nest of around a couple of thousand ants has over the past couple of days found their way through the tiniest hole in my bedroom behind a wardrobe, around the wall, down the hallway, and set up camp in the linen cupboard right in the middle of the house. I’ve spent the entire day cleaning it out. They had also found their way into my wife’s stored wedding dress box plus some other stored boxes on top of the same cupboard. There were eggs everywhere but I could not find a queen ant amongst them. I didn’t want to have to kill them and tried using peppermint oil to get them to leave quietly but unfortunately ended up having to vacuum them out. I like ants and have always enjoyed watching them go about their business. It was only due to the fact that they weren’t after food at all and had found such a strange place to nest that I figured there had to be a deeper meaning to all of this. We’ve been in this house for 14 years and haven’t had ant problems like this ever. There has been a lot of rain also too so that has forced them to look for alternative accommodation I’m sure.

  34. Sherry says:


    The biting…is it possible that you are not acknowledging the meaning of their symbolism and so the persistence? Ants usually work together although not uncommon to find one lone one trying to carry a crumb 10 times their size all by themselves. Also reverse the symbolism…could it point to you either doing to much yourself and not asking for help? Is there something going on in your life that you need to ask for help with either from a physical person or from spirit?

    As far as being hexed, I don’t usually suggest some one consider this possibility but yes possible. Thoughts alone have a lot of power and it doesn’t take much for someone to send ill wishes your way other than just wishing it so. If you want to talk about this further then email me at


  35. Very interesting….Every year for the last 5-7 years, ants find me. They get in my clothes on my side of the bed, in my books, on my towel NOT my husband’s nor my sons. Just me. I don’t mind them so much until they start to bite. Ive stopped wearing perfume and perfumed products They seem to come out of no where, no matter how well I check any item of clothing bedding area I am going to sit at or sleep on, they appear. I swear I’ve seen them materialize on my body where nothing was just a second ago. My husband has suggested that they are quantum creatures, but because of the biting, I am more inclined to believe I’ve been hexed. Wish they could just speak up0 and tell me what they want.


  36. Thanks Sherry for the article and everyone for their comments. All has been very helpful to me.

  37. I don’t know how their getting into my home. Queen ants by the numbers keep getting into my home even though the windows that are open are screened. What can this possibly mean as spiritual significance?

  38. Larissa says:

    Very good article. I was hoping to find something positive and symbolic in my experience with carpenter ants here in my little rented space… no other bugs, very lovely and clean, but the ants come for around 2 weeks… and make themselves known! My reaction was pretty negative, as I felt like I had “lost control of my space.” and “Letting the little things bug me.” I have some truly pressing health issues, but seem to focus on the little negatives and they ‘shake my foundation’. (as a carpenter ant will do.)

    Maybe it’s time I “let my walls down” and surrender to the advice of the little guys. I need to work more in a community (solo artist) and be much more industrious with my time and energy! I am certainly lacking the things ants represent, and they are here to remind me that I have these qualities somewhere, I just need to allow them in. * No one else seems to get the ants in their apartments, mine is much cleaner than my neighbours, so it must be some kind of message here! :)

    Good work, glad I stumbled across it! Thanks.

  39. Jeannette says:

    Your interpretation makes sense and seems accurate to me. I’ve been in a phase of working very hard towards goals I want to achieve, and I keep seeing single ants in my apartment in the weirdest places. Now they won’t bug me as much when I see them: I’ll think of them as gentle reminders of my reality right now. Thank you!

  40. i’m constantly roaming all over the net virtually all of the time which means I tend to browse a great deal, which unfortunately isnt typically a beneficial factor as the largest part of the blogs I find are constructed of unproductive nonsense copied from different web sites a million times, on the other hand I gotta say this blog is definitely half decent and even consists of a lot of unique content, for that reason many thanks for smashing the fad of basically copying other people’s blogs and forums, in case you ever wanna take up a few hands of myspace poker together just email me – you have my email :)

  41. Thank you for this post! We moved into a new home a couple of months ago. A few weeks after being in our new house, ants started appearing. I called Orkin, and he has come several times to continue to combat them. However, when they first appeared I had the thought to contact my spiritual adviser to see if he had insight for me. I thought “oh, no… it’s just an ant problem. Orkin can deal with it.”

    Well, this morning I woke up very early and inspired about the direction of my life work. As I was journaling and free writing regarding the intention, a single ant marched across my work space. As this day has progressed, and I’ve been highly energized with clarity and forward movement regarding my work (which I’ve been stuck on for a while), two other times a single ant has marched across my work space. Not in a gross ant infestation way, but as in a gentle “Hey, lady! Finally look at me and realize the significance of my presence here. It’s FOR you. ”

    With that, I took to googling and happened upon this post. Thanks for affirming my intuition. I take the message of perseverance along with me – thanks to you and the ants. ;)

  42. Nessa says:

    I find it interesting as all others did. I have similar experience with regards to ants… before like 6-8 months ago theres alot of small ants gathering in my room and even i sprayed them with insecticides they keep coming back. Now after few months of trying to dealt with it, they just gone and never had like any mark on them. I was happy that time that they dont mess with my foods anymore, but now they coming back and its bigger this time but they bigger this time as what queen ants are. I dont know what the meaning of this but im bothered what it may lead.

  43. Thank you much for that nicely written entry.

  44. Please keep writing, I enjoy your posts

  45. Sherry says:

    Glad you found my blog. Your very welcome!

  46. Maria says:

    Hi Sherry,
    I found this very interesting and I will tell you why. I was meditating and saw a tiny insect walking across my visual sky while meditating. At first I saw this tiny insect black and moving I couldn’t see it clear enough to figure out if it was a small beatle or ant. I continued meditating it dissappeared. Then a minute or two later it appears again as clear as day as an ant. walking looking peaceful yet determined. i looked up ant symbolism and came upon your site. My sister and I have just seen squirrels and used that as our guide last month. Today I know its the ant. Your information was useful and I thanked God and my angels for direction and inspiration. Thank you as well!

  47. Sherry says:

    There you have it. You already knew the symbolism of your seeing the ants because it is very much about what you think about ants.

    Not cracks that are visable to you but cracks in the foundation that is laid that the house is built upon, which you wouldn’t be able to see. From there the ants are resourceful and grout is not as impermeable as cement. All they need to do is find the tiniest opening even if not visable by the human eye. Through the floor or walls. I know cause I have ants that just appear and are not coming from an obvious place…just kind of appearing in the middle of the room. lol.


  48. I don`t think they are harmfull in any way, i actually love them being around.They inspire me the way they tirelessley work throughout.I actually checked around the house, there is no cracks inside the house.They make small hip sands on the tiles inside and outside the house.

  49. Sherry says:

    Hi! Very interesting. I am glad I am not the only one dealing with the ant situation. lol. Well I know that sometimes when they build a house there is dirt brought in, if need, and then the foundation is poured over it. So there must be cracks in the foundation and if they aren’t bringing up the sand representitive of the area then it must be that they either brought in sand before pouring the foundation or possibly the ants are coming from a deep layer that isn’t red.

    As far as the ant symbolism goes and whether lucky, I would say the ant is a very positive symbolism. All positive things such as group minded which you could interpret as also meaning positive as far as socialization. Also self-discipline, orderliness, virtue, stregth, stamina, and preserverance. So possibly these are traits you can relate to or traits you need more of in your life. In dream symbolism ant could mean it indicates you have a strong circle of family & friends who support your endeavors.

    Also consider that ants work tirelessly to build their homes and this work is done underground. This could point to the subconscious. But really the meaning should be figured out based on what the ant means to you. How do you think of the ant? Do you think of something that is irritating or a nusance? Or do you think of harmlessness?


  50. Hi there,

    I find these very interesting and Weird.I reside in South Africa and have actually moved places for 3 times.Every time i move , it seems like the Ants move with me? or they just find their way to where i am??

    They are just little creatures, the ones that they will gather a lot of sand and pile it up into one place and it will end up being a big hip of sand?

    What is weird about the sand is that i dont know where they get the sand from because my house is all tiled and the sand is slightly blackish unlike South African Soil? South African Soil is normally Reddish especially in Urban Areas.

    I was once told ants actually means luck? Is this true?

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