Symbolic Meaning of Seeing the Spider

I am not fond of spiders by a long shot. I have had my share of bad experiences with spiders so I would really prefer not to have a message coming to me by way of the spider symbolism but it has been unavoidable this past week. Spiders every where!!!

One day this past week one crawled on my leg. Day two of the spider encounters a small one crawling on the tile floor in my hallway. Day three spider encounter sitting at my computer another little one came down on it’s web right in front of the monitor. Obviously by that point I was not noticing a pattern so that night a dream full of little spiders so I said “Okay, I am paying attention and I get that you are trying to tell me something.” This morning a spider is building a home on my patio and I must admit I feel guilty at the thought of ruining his day by taking a broom to him and his home he worked so hard on overnight. lol. I must say that with all these spider encounters I did not have any of the normal anxiety emotions I normally feel in the pit of my stomach at the sight of them. That in itself say a little something…that this message is not one to feel anxious about and it is not a bad omen or warning.

What is the meaning of the spider…

spider totem meaningThe spider is an ancient symbol of power, mystery and growth. Much of what the spider has to tell us is in the construction of it’s web. The spider weaves an intricate web that serves as his home, the way he gets food to feed himself and also acts as a place of growth for its eggs. For it’s life the web for the spider is about survival. Also consider that the spider can CREATE it’s web just about any where and it is not even concerned it seems about what might come along at any moment and ruin it’s hard work. The spider to me is fearless for it will build its web outside with no thought of the fact that it might rain and the winds blow and wipe out its home. It just moves on without another thought and starts the process all over again some where else and many times bravely again in the same place.

What is the spider telling you…

What about us humans? The spider shows us that it is all about CHOICES. We have choices (free will) we can make and we literally can make any choice and any decision we want, true? True! Ahhhh but the spider tells us something even more important. Whatever choice we make constructs our lives and so even though we may be fearless we still need to be mindful of the choices and decisions we make for we create our own destiny.

So if you have been recently pondering some decision and unsure of what direction to head in or unsure if the decision will keep you on or throw you off your path…the spider says the decision can be any direction but just remember whatever you end up with is what you yourself have weaved.


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  1. Sherry says:

    The spider is a reminder that we are the creators of our lives. It is not only about what have you created but looking into why. Do you really know yourself and who you are to then know what you should be doing with your life. How are you coming up with the decisions on what you want to do job wise, what you want to study, and where it is going to lead you…and lead you to being who doing what. Is that really you? The spider ask that you look deeper at not only what you are creating but why. Sometimes when we look we find we have been creating things for the wrong reason and didn’t even realize it. I often will ask my coaching clients…if you could have, be or do anything…what would that be? Self exploration on a deeper level than most usually do. For me I used journaling…it was a great way to explore and discover and from the very start I made amazing discoveries and realizations. Ask yourself questions and answer them? But by all means…explore yourself, who you are, what you want in your life or feel drawn to? What does the child that dreams want? Ask yourself and find out…maybe you will uncover something wonderful…and then those spiders can go away once they feel you have listened and heeded their advice.


  2. I don’t know why my home is full of small spiders? They just appearing suddenly and as i am too scared of that .. I kill them .. sometimes I talk to them like why you are here and all but most of the time I kill them .. From last two years I am searching job and now trying to study .. My exam is on next wednesday … I feel that I have created my own bad luck with my own hands .. Please tell me how to overcome this fear ?

  3. Emanuela says:


    I have been seeing spiders in my house for 3 days in different places. First it was sitting above my bed on my lest side, then on the outside door of my bedroom right on the door knob, after i saw another one on my car door, and tonight again its just sitting above my bed without moving. I dont know what to think of this or how to act upon it. I would never take its life but I am thinking to just take it and put it outside my house. Im scared to sleep at night knowing that the spider is right above my head.

  4. For two days now I’ve had beefy, large spiders – wolf or grass spider (don’t know which) on the ceiling in my bedroom. From what I’ve read, wolf spiders live in burrows and grass spiders have funnel webs. I didn’t see either one with a web, they were both just crawling on the ceiling. The first experience I woke up in bed to see the spider crawling above me. I jumped out of bed, which made the spider contract. Was able to get the spider outside safely, but it absolutely terrified me. I read your posting and took to heart your comments about choices, adaptation and resilience. It’s day two now and another wolf/grass spider on my ceiling. I feel like maybe I’m not hearing the specific message they’re trying to convey and fear they will continue to show until I do. I’m currently experiencing painful relationship issues and wonder if you could provide some insight and any feelings or sense about my situation. Thanks for anything you can share.

  5. Sherry says:

    Animal Totems/Guides could come into your life to serve a purpose and others could be a lifelong guide. Generally you can usually tell the ones that are not because they seem to only come when it comes to a message. Your totem/guides are usually playing a helpful role in your life…such as getting you to get up and away from the spider and notice it at the same time. Once you start paying attention you usually are able to spot the animals that are your totem/guides easily…they will often always be around regardless of what is going on with you. Here is something you can try to actually does work. You have to be patient and just keep an eye out. Ask (out loud or quietly to your higher self, just address your higher self as “higher self” and that will be fine) for your animal totem/guide to be more present and noticeable throughout the week. Then wait and see who appears. I am pretty sure you will know it and feel it when it happens so don’t worry about not being able to know.

    Yes, it would be possible for you to be the black widow. You would have to ask yourself if you feel you identify with the black widow. But that is not the case. What I got was that it was someone other than yourself and I did think that it was your mother…so it was no surprise when you said step mother. Try to not think about her or put any focus on her. When you do that you are giving your energy to a person or situation as well as constantly establishing a connection to them energetically. Every time you catch yourself thinking about her force yourself to think about something else.

    The spiders will go away from understanding the message and taking action to rectify the situation it is pertaining to.

    Thank you…I appreciate the kind words. XOXO

  6. or, could I be meaning of the black widow? My own self- be the woman?

  7. You have given me so much to think about. I think I may know what the meaning was about. I also believe that you are right about the spiders being adaptable have something to do with the spiders lately. Your reading of the black widow has hit home really hard. Thank you very much. I look forward to following your work. At first glance, I would have thought you were going to talk about my boss – a very feminine man, however, the woman that haunts me would most likely be my step mother- who I can never seem to get out of my head. It is my biggest hurdle. As for the totem, how do I find out what my totem is? Could it not be the spider?

  8. Sherry says:

    Obviously this is something you really need to know…something you need to be aware of for the incidences to be so attention getting. The bedroom is a matter of privacy and sometimes intimacy. The black widow is about feminine energy. the black widow mates and them it kills. What relationship with a women do you have in your life that could be not good for you…like maybe someone who might be controlling or try to keep you down and maybe keep you from realizing goals. The ant was alone? Usually the ants work in teams BUT the thing about ants is that they are also very strong and capable on their own. I feel the ant however was only a minor player…in helping to get you to notice the symbol of the spider that was near you. That is not uncommon especially if the ant is one of your animal totems which means it is one of you animal guides. Also the female person this may be about may be someone who is hard or impossible to get out of your life for some reason.

  9. Sherry says:

    It’s great to hear from you again. That is exciting news that you have re-connected with your soulmate. The thing i think is so awesome about the spider is the way it handles adversity. In a way where it does not even really see adversity at all, almost like it must think there is no such thing as adversity. It deals with things such as it’s home being blown or washed away as just a part of life and what it has to deal with…like it considers that a normal occurance that is expected almost. So it re-builds some where else without a second thought. Never getting tired of starting over because it’s just a part of life. So it is easily adapable and no situation gets it down. It’s home means more than just shelter to it also…it is about shelter, food (providing for its needs), and more. The web provides so much and so it just builds again some where else never dwelling on the past and what happened to its old home.

    Keep in touch XOXO

  10. Thank you so much for your responses

  11. Tyler Pitrat says:

    Well, typically, there are always spiders running around my house even though I spray regularly. However, there have been only a couple of weeks that I haven’t seen them since I moved here about 8 months ago. My Best friend passed away prior to me moving here- and so I thought it was him reminding me that he was around, until my friend (the reader) told me that they have unique meanings. About 2 weeks ago, I was coming back into my bedroom getting ready in the morning, when I noticed a spider’s shadow on the backside (the side next to the window) of my draw blinds. With the sun coming up in the east, the spider’s shadow was very prominent and noticeable. I am also very aloof in nature, so these instances really stick out in my mind. It happened to be a black widow. There was no web, and it was very difficult to kill. I have been killing so many spiders lately, that I am beginning to feel bad actually! The time before that, I was again in my bedroom, making my bed. My bedroom gets very bright. Well, a spider (a good sized one)- about the size of a dime came out from under my bed. In broad daylight- as to say- hey you! look at me! The time before that was particularly interesting. I was in my living room and i was sitting in my big comfy chair, when I was shocked to see an ant running up my leg. The moment that I leaped out of my chair, I noticed that there was (apart from a tarantula) the biggest spider I had ever seen (big-hairy spider with blue markings) next to my head on the edge of a pillow! It definitely seems, that lately especially, they are trying to tell me to wake up, however, I do not know if they are telling me that I need to take control, or that I need to move. I hope these visualizations help you to give more clarity.

  12. Sherry,

    How interesting.. You have done a reading for me before about 3 very large spiders that had decended apon me. Your advice was very fitting, I was almost half way into the process of getting divorced and you told me I needed to conduct myself with confidence in the outcome I wanted for myself and my children and not to go forward in fear. I had put this to the back of my mind whilst simply trying to get through the days and fend off my ex’s attacks (emotionally). I am nearing the finish line now only he is dragging it out and still making things very difficult trying to hang on to me till the last breath. Lately I have been noticing spiders everywhere in and around my home.. in all the living spaces generally and outside.. I had even asked my Pop if it was the ‘season’ for them as I was noticing so many, different types, shapes, sizes. Most of them I didn’t seem to be afraid of, the Huntsmans especially(even though I used to be), I even rescued one from under my fridge that got caught up in dust and fluff.. Except one.. I havn’t been able to identify it but it was dark, two shades of brown I believe, not large like a Huntsman, but decent sized, large abdomen, and legs that creep like from a nightmare.. I reacted to this one because it was near where my children were playing, crawling across the top of a couch.. I was so terrified.. I could not control my fear.. I had to get my new partner (i have recconnected with my soul mate who i had not seen for 10 years) to come and rescue us as I was physically unable to get any where near it, I just kept my children away until it could be killed.. Anyway, getting on track, I am back on this site because I just recieved emails saying that there had been more posts.. I thought maybe it was a sign to re-read your advice from before or see if there was any more to add..
    Just out of interest.. If a spiders home suffers a blow.. do they rebuild.. or throw it in and start again.. ??

  13. Sherry says:

    Where were the spiders when you saw them? That will tell more about specific meaning.

  14. Tyler Pitrat says:

    Sherry, I did read that. This makes me incredibly happy. Particularly with regards to the home and becoming adaptable. In fact, I have been planning on giving my boss notice of my resignation tomorrow, so that I may properly study for a test i have coming up, and that I may find a job and a place to live in a town where i am Hoping to make a jump start to my career. I just am trying to listen for and watch out for God’s “breadcrumbs” to make it an easier transition. I have never done anything like this, but I am so bizarrely comfortable with the idea that I am excited. Thank you very much for your feedback. All three of these spiders however were out in the open with no webs. I do not know if that means anything unusual however, like you mentioned above.

  15. Sherry says:

    This is no such thing as doing something wrong or making a wrong decision. Everything is an experience and experiences are how we learn. There is no right versus wrong…just different paths to take that all offer up different lessons.

    The spider is very adaptable. Did you read what I mentioned about spiders homes. Look at the qualities of the spider then relate it to what is going on in your life to see what the message is. Spiders often build in places that are not best but they do this with no worry or concern. If their web (home) is blown away they don’t waste time worrying and just build a web somewhere else. In that way they go with the flow.

  16. Tyler Pitrat says:

    Sherry, I had a friend of mine tell me about the significance of spiders in our lives. He is also a spiritual reader and healer. I have not talked to him about the meanings of spiders since he first mentioned them to me. I have been seeing them and little knats consistently around me these days. Some times I go for a week without noticing anything, and then I notice them all almost hourly the next week. I am going through a lot of changes right now. In fact, everything will be changing hopefully by tomorrow. Am I to understand that spiders mean you are doing something wrong? Or, are they reminding me that my angels are around me protecting me. I realize that they are a very nocturnal species, so that when they come out in broad daylight (e.g. i had on three separate occasions, large spiders come out in broad daylight to me). In fact, I had to kill a black widow the other morning, just hanging out on my blinds. I hope these spiders are telling me that I am making the right decision regarding my path, and not telling me to pump my brakes. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  17. camee says:

    i was wondering could you reply to my Q…….Camee

  18. Sherry says:

    The spiders web serves as it’s home…for most spiders so I would consider a spider that does not use a web as a home unusual or for people we would call someone living in a untraditional way. The spider also uses the web to catch it’s food and food means knowledge. Does this have something to do with not only your home or living situation but some choices you are working on as far as school or some education. The lack of a web also signifies a lack of control. Lacking control could come from not making decision period or letting others make decisions for you. The spiders are showing up in various people homes. Home signifies self. All of these homes relate to you in a personal way…different parts of the self. Personal, Private, Emotional, and one at the boyfriends that seems to be a closer relationship. Reminds me of the three selves. Lower self, higher self and I AM presence. Could be that in the three different homes you are trying to be told that your higher self and I AM presence is there to help you. Also in the symbology of the 3 often means father, son, holy spirit; mother, father, child, or as I said the 3 selves.


  19. Hi :)
    Just a spider related query. I have had 3 spiders of the same type appear in 3 different houses i’ve been at this week. The first was on Saturday at our holiday house, the second at my boyfriends appartment on Sunday and the third in my bedroom this morning (Wednesday). I have been the one to notice the spiders on each occasion.
    Also the spiders have all been decent sized brown ‘huntsman’ spiders. This variety do not make webs so i was wondering if there is further symbolism there?
    Thanks in adavance

  20. I keep noticing spiders everywhere..they seem to be on or near me whenever I am being still eg, sitting, laying on the couch, in bed, ect
    Usually I wouldn’t think much of it but they seem to be so apparent in my life atm.
    I’m wondering the meaning of them in my life or if it’s just the time of the year for spiders to be around.

  21. camee says:


    i would like to know what the meaning is when a spider (large black ) jumps on your arm and crawls up your arm, of course i panic and brushed it off, we looked at each other for a moment and i tried to help it on it’s way and of course it took off. i have been having a lot of interaction with animal lately. a bird flew into my care window yesterday and i stopped to see if it was ok but a kookaburra made its way out of the bushes and just looked at me, i was worried i had hit the kooka but as i went close really close it flew away. a lizard last week came to my front door, a koala and snake have crossed my path in the last 2 weeks……just amazing. i love animals but the spider freaked me out. do you have any insight
    thanks Cam

  22. Hi,

    For the last 2 days I have come home to dead spiders just outside of my front door, or like today, just inside my door. There is 1 that sits above the fence that leads to the front door and he has been there for at least a month or so now. My fiance sprayed the outside of the house so that spiders could not get in to our house. We have gotten messages from them before, so I believe in all of that. Could the dead spiders just be from the poison around the door, and they are just trying to get in to tell me something? What message are they trying to bring me? The dead spider thing really has me worried. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


  23. Sherry says:

    I can tell you from what you have told me that it is about you yourself because you are finding the spiders in your house and the symbol of house signifies the self. For specific about the message they are bringing to you I would have to know more details…where in the house? What were they doing? What about spider webs? The other symbols of, for example, what rooms you found them in will bring the insight as to the message.
    Sherry XOXO

  24. Victoria says:

    So interesting I have come across your website. I believe all happens for a reason. Today, I was at a girlfriends house and I pulled on of her animal cards and it was the spider. The text of the symbolism in the book was totally aligned with where I am at in my life and journey. It was not until this evening, when I got home that I became aware that I have been killing spiders in my house for weeks. Seriously, everyday there is at least one spider. I was just commenting to my girlfriend yesterday, who had a spider in her house, that I have found spiders daily. I started to do some research on line and some of the messages were: Create, dream catcher, wisdom, construct. I am curious of your insight into this.

  25. Sherry says:

    Ash, Maybe but without more details I can’t tell you what it might mean. Where were the spiders? What were they doing? What were you doing? Were you inside? Outside? What room? Did any bite you?


  26. I had 3 spiders crawling on me today all at different times,does that have a meaning.

  27. Ingrid says:

    Hello Sherry,
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful website about the meaning of spiders. I live in Sebring,Florida and I am very scared of spiders. For the past month or so, I have seen an invasion, so to speak, of banana spiders around the house I live in. Before that I had never seen them. Not knowing about meaning of spiders then, I killed them but I felt sooo sorry for my action. On Monday, I open my front door to see a banana spider on the side and a wolf spider on the ground. I killed both of them and felt sorry. I apologized to them and told them to stay far from me. Guess what, as I was about to pick up my mail. There it was, a fairly large banana spider building it’s web in FRONT of my mail box preventing me from taking my mail. I freaked out and went back inside my house with my black flag and killed it. That’s when I realized there’s probably a message for me but I don’t know what it is. I must tell you though I am going through a very tough time in my life and have been visualizing checks coming in my mailbox because I want to attract money and move into my own house. Can someone please explain the message to me. I looove this site.

  28. Andres says:

    Dear Sherry,

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that I have come across your page. I am now in the midst of a very intense moment of my life – looking for a new house, beginning to pack; and for the first time, I am doing this as the ‘man’ of the house since my wife and son are overseas. I live in the UK, and my in-laws who happen to be in Europe will join me tomorrow and help me with this whole process that I feel is in my hands and under my guidance. As I was preparing their room, putting the bedsheets, I saw a huge spider, and as a matter of fact, this apartment (which will soon be my ex-apartment) is full of spiders as I begin to pack, and search for a new place. Your wise words say a lot about spiders, empowerment, and the building of a new house. Thank you for your words, and any more insights are more than welcome :)

  29. Susan says:

    Thank you… I know.. Thank you for reminding me :)

  30. Sherry says:

    Sure and your welcome…I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I will do your reading in the morning. XOXO

  31. Salvatore says:

    Yeah that will be great if you gave me insight about traveling over there. I appreciate so much Sherry. You have been a great great help for me. Can you give me a reading about me?

  32. Sherry says:

    The right palm signifies that you hold the power in your own hands. You have the knowledge within yourself to maximize your potential. I will see if I can give you some insight into what you feel about going to Japan. Once you take action and make a final decision the spiders should stop coming…in the meantime they will be the nudge reminding you that there is still this decision that needs to be made.


  33. Salvatore says:

    Sherry you are very gifted that is amazing how you can sense my energy. Their was this girl who I influenced deeply to pursue her dreams when she didn’t believe in herself. I always made her believe that she can do anything she wanted she just had to believe.So with me by her side she really believed she was going to live her dream. But she never paid attention to me I’d be the one to call, text, etc. Than she gets in a relationship which confused me because she loves me deeply.Learning spirituality at an early age I didn’t grieve nor become sad I stayed detached from the situation.So I stopped talking to her 100% wouldn’t respond to her after she texted, called, sent messages and every form of communication. I was no where in her sight. After almost a year she got in touch with me but this time I wasn’t the guy she knew I was different. She still thinks of me and wishes for me to help her and wants me to pursue the same dreams as she does so I can motivate her. She doesn’t want me to become a fighter. But we were born with free will.

    Another thing is I want to go to Japan to train in Martial Arts and I am so torn apart by that yet I feel something awaits me their but I feel nervous as I do not speak Japanese and if I do go I won’t be in my comfortable zone like my house i’ll be in a different setting. I want to go their to further my martial arts training.

    It was my right hand on my palm at work that another spider bit me. Than got home and another spider was by my switch. JUST YESTERDAY!!! another spider showed up by the kitchen glass and I felt surges of energy shoot through my body. and another spider was by my switch. JUST YESTERDAY!!! another spider showed up by the kitchen glass and I felt surges of energy shoot through my body.

  34. Sherry says:


    I started writing and tell you what I found and I hit the wrong button and lost it…probably not by accident either. So let me try this again.

    This is happening in your home and home has to do with the self. Then your room (bedroom correct?) signifies something that is private to you or that you keep private. But then neck indicates a separation between your heart and mind if something painful happens to it. There is a literal disconnect between how you feel and what you think. But the spider biting you…this points to something/someone feminine in your life that you have a conflict with. This may not be a conflict you know about and what I mean by this…is there someone in your life that may not want you to head in the directions with your goals and desires that you currently are? Is there someone that may be wishing that you were heading in a different direction with different goals? That is what I am getting but based on symbology of the spider alone it could also be something between your heart and mind…the heart wants one things but the rational non-dreamer mind is saying it would be best to do something else and forget your dreams. There is definitely something that is in opposition.

    Hand…which hand? Light switch…there is something you are not seeing and whatever it is needs to come to light. What more (is going on) that you have not said?

    Toward the end I got a really strong feeling in my heart…this is someone…a woman….someone you talk to you, maybe that you confide in…do you know who I am talking about? Or the person this is point to?


  35. Sherry says:

    I see you pulling your hair out…this has to do with you attitude on the situation. Although understandable it is how you approach the situation and your action that will drive the outcome. Do your best to take the passive role…if that means you have to bite your tongue or let him win the small battles so you can in the end win the war and win yourself then think of it as a small price to pay for what you have to gain. I see that the potential outcome if you hang in there, take the passive role and be the bigger person…and do everything with love and good intentions (and I know this is what you are doing) is that the three of you (you and your children) will be very happy together and what I am seeing tells me that in the end it will all work out for the three of you. Important however not to go forward with any fear but instead absolute belief and confidence that things will work out perfect for you and your children. I am being told that you need to stay in a place, a mental state of being, where you feel strong and in control…with no fear of what might be or what might happen…those worse case scenarios we some times think of because spending time thinking in that way will only create the very thing you do not want. I see the potential of the outcome you want…your husband can do or say anything he wants however it is your actions and how you handle things that determine whether you actually realize this potential. I know you can do this…so I know you and the kids will be fine.

  36. Sherry says:

    Hi Susan…I am going to do your reading this morning. I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you. :-)


  37. Salvatore says:

    My totem animal is a Wolverine (Weasel) I’m very identical with the wolverine we are almost one. I always thought we’d have one dominant totem animal I thought wrong. I have strayed somewhat away from spirituality, I am isolated and a loner (like a wolverine I enjoy being alone), My dream my desire is to travel the world and even live in some places for sometime but I’m very nervous because I won’t be familiar with anything or the language. More than anything I want glory in the arena to be one of the best fighters I train so hard I became isolated from the world due to my martial arts training to be the best of the best. Last saturday I woke up and their was huge lumps on my neck I had went to the dr and found out spider bit me multiple times and you could the spider fangs. The next saturday another spider bit me!!! on my hand I didn’t kill it I set it down. The same night I went into my room a HUGEEE SPIDER was right by my switch waiting. So I asked the spider what message are you trying to tell me that I am not understanding? Is the message that important that 2 spiders had to bite me and all started coming in my room. A spider bit me in my room and the other spider bit me at work what message are they trying to convey to me?? PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPP.

  38. Susan says:

    Sherry, thank you for replying so promptly! Yes indeed there is something I am not looking forward to. I am looking down the barrel of a very bitter divorce and as the decision was mine it has been extremely difficult for him to take. I have two children and my strongest desire is to protect them. The situation is volatile and and the outcome, at this stage, financially and emotionally (with regards to the effect on the children) is what I am most concerned about. I would love for you to do a reading if possible. I would love to hear any further insight u may be able to pick up on. Thank you again.

  39. Sherry says:

    Merryweather…I like your website! It’s very cool!


  40. Sherry says:

    Susan…thank you for sharing! I appreciate it. The spider by it’s self is not a creature most look forward to seeing. Often they are thought of as little creepy crawly things. Is there something going on in your life that you are not looking forward to or something or someone (besides the spiders of course lol) that you feel this way about? Are you feeling like an unwanted outsider in some situation? Or is there something you are trying to keep your distance from…or maybe someone or something you are wishing would keep its distance from you or you and your family? It may not be a person but a situation. An example, you would of course want tragedy to keeps it’s distance from you and your family. Is there some situation that you are worried about that you are hoping does not affect you or your family?

    Let me know if you want me to give you a reading and I can see if I can get more specifics for you.


  41. I have recently had encounters with 3 large spiders in the last week or so. I noticed that it was just the spiders, no webs, and that I was not particularly fearful. I felt more so curious and felt as though they were trying to tell me something. Any light you may be able to shed would be greatly appreciated.

  42. I actually decided to produce a quick movie about this, I would be grateful if you could maybe take a moment to check it and possibly leave a message about what you think, I left the video url in the “website” field, hopefully you can get to it, thanks a lot

  43. I have been seing spiders everywhere. At first they were just in my bathroom, but quickly spread to my beadroom. I saw one in my shower so I started showering in the downstairs bathroom. The first shower I took in there I saw a spider in. While i was drying off and gitting dressed i saw sevral more in that bathroom. No one elese had ever scene a spider in the house at all, and i live with 4 other people. Ive lived in this house twice before and this is the first time that I’m seeing them here. Everyone elese still hasnt scene any unless i pointed them out, and there wverywhere. Help me please.

  44. Sherry says:

    Thanks for sharing your recent experiences with spiders. This makes me think and wonder if there is something going on in your life or coming up that may require fearless adaptability to a situation or possibly person in your life. You have the answer to the question “What is the message?” Once you realize the message the spiders should stop making an appearance.


  45. Andrea says:

    I have found your dialog on spiders very helpful and would like to share my story. It involves one specific spider…the brown recluse. The short story is that they showed up in our home in a large number last summer and we began treating the home in August. The population has reduced significantly, but strange sitings involving me have occurred recently. I am finding them in the homes of two of my family members in what seems like ridiculous circumstances. One was suspended from the ceiling in my parent’s farm house and I found it within minutes of my arrival. Several family members were already there and no one saw the spider. Earlier this week, I was moving furniture at my sister’s home and one crawled over my finger as I picked up a piece of paper behind a night stand. The morning after I returned home, I was telling my husband this story and then proceeded to walk toward my towel in the bathroom only to find a brown recluse next to my towel! Amazingly, my internal feeling is one of calm and curiosity. This would not have been the case a few years ago. I’d love to hear your insights. Thank you! Andrea

  46. Sherry says:


    Yes, the spider was trying to let you know that you needed to be able to adjust based on te obstacles and situations that arise in your life. A spiders home gets knocked down and taht is not uncommon but it is how the spider handles adversity that you need to pay attention to. The spider does not dwell on the web (home) lost but instead moves on and begins the process of starting again…never completely throwing in the towel and never seeing the effort it as to make as a waste. The spider is great at moving on and getting on with things…never allowing itself to live in the past.


  47. My husband went away on a business trip for three days, and during that time, each day as I hustled my young son off to school through the front door in the morning, we had to duck a spider and spider web weaved right over the front door.
    I’ve always had an unexplainable respect for spiders — I am scared to the bone by them, yet am loathe to kill them. I keep an eye on them until they disappear.
    My husband returned from is trip. I did not make any note of the spider. But the day after his eturn, ithout notice, he left me and the kids with no explanation.
    A day after that, I made note of the fact the spider was gone. I am trying to figure out if the spider was a warning. a comfort, a sign of positive/negative change, or just an acknowledgement of change in our home…

  48. Sherry says:

    Glad to see I am not only one with spiders showing up. lol. I may have the answer…the thing about them is they can pretty much build their home any where and even in places that to us make no common sense. Don’t they build with longevity in mind? Nope…they seem to very much live in the moment. Your car was as good as any other place…at the time. BUT (and this is important for you to see) there is no concern or worry about making a mistake because you can just build again if your web is knocked down or swept away and don’t even cry over it. Also their web is their home and provides food and is where they lay eggs. Pretty sure your car is not the ideal place to catch food…so that leaves laying eggs…building the family. Laying eggs can also be seen as planning. But in the car? Car denotes your ambition, your drive and your ability to navigate from one stage of your life to another. You talk about seeing the web but not necessarily the spider. This points to ability and hard work.

    Now consider your life and what is going on recently or things you have been considering or even tempted by. Is it maybe time for you to do some hard work and lay the foundation for the future? Does this point to a decision regarding school/education, change of job where you will either have to start at the bottom and work your way up or a new job that will give you the opportunity to learn a new skill? I am not asking about relationships and family planning because I just am not getting the feeling that this is pointing to that although I could be mistaken.

    Next step…ask for more symbolism in nature to give you more details or a dream.

    Let me know…I am interested to see where your symbolism is heading.

    Sherry…aka “Your Spidie Friend”

  49. arielle says:

    i usually am a total wuss when it comes to spiders, but similar to you, i havent been nesscesarily scared, just aware, and curious as to why they have so bothersome. once they began making webs in my car i was convinced they had something important to tell me. i just cant seem to figure out what that something is. i am going through a lot of changes which involve alot of choice making, so this verywell could be the answer. but i feel there is something more to it. i have a feeling they want me to do something…….
    so if you have any aditional input i would be very greatful.
    ~thank you

  50. Stacey says:

    VERY helpful. thank you for your post and insight.


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