Spiritual Meaning of the Cockroach Animal Totem

Who would want a cockroach as their animal totem? Not many, however, the cockroach is a very powerful animal totem to have and even if the cockroach is not your animal totem but just an nasty little visitor coming by to give you a message be thankful.

The cockroach is all about survival and reminds you that no matter what life throws at you, you have all the tools neccessary already at hand to survive even the worst that life can throw at you. The cockroach shows you that you have the ability to know when it’s time to scurry out of the way of danger and also how to survive in all circumstances and environments. And if your see that big slipper coming at you in an attempt to flatten you just know that you have what’s neccessary to move quickly and change direction in a heart beat.

Cockroaches are symbolic of tenacity and longevity and could symbolize the need for renewal, rejuvenation and self-cleansing of your psychological, emotional, or spiritual being.


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  1. I really felt a bit terrible of seeing a cockroach in my dream. If it would be real, I would surely squash them off with a slipper. But I was quite relief about what it meant to say in my dream. I really wanted to have fresh start next year 2014.

  2. Zaiius says:

    I once had a dream of a dark, earthly goddess who had control over the insects (particularly cockroaches) and she was instructing them to crawl all over me as i laid on the moist soil being twisted by spontaneous postures and jerks to her pleasure. Perhaps they were a manifestation of Kundalini kriyas.

  3. so thankful and blessed having read your information about this.. Just had a dream last night regarding attending a funeral/wake. When i awake, i was so frightened and afterwards was suddenly crawled around my bed by a cockroach.. for me it is very symbolic in nature.. more power to you.. and also thanks for sharing us this wisdom of yours!

  4. Sherry Andrea says:

    OH my gosh! I swear I read that and heard myself screaming like a little girl inside! lol. I do not care for the flying ones! lol

  5. Danielle says:

    Thank you for the insight! Life literally got in my face with this via the big “mother forkers” that FLY!!

  6. I have Cockroach in my kitchen cubord and food utensils. What’s the meaning of this? I never had this before and their is alot. I am in the porocess of getting them out…. What’s the meaning of this?


  7. Very relavent. I find little spiders, I respect them, so I let them go about behind things, they look beautiful to me. not many, but I was wondering how they live? and now I have little roaches, there are cracks that are not sealed, not many only 3 cracks perhaps, but the spiders are taking care of everything. I love it :)

  8. Goddess1313 says:

    This information was excellent. We (humanity) need to re-evaluate how we think of and treat other beings. We are NOT superior to them.

  9. Thank you so much your information was incredibly helpful. Blessings.

  10. Heba Hashem says:

    Very insightful. God bless you and bless all living creatures.

  11. yes, i agree, they have been showing up in my kitchen and food utensils drawers. I keep trying to get them out of my house. i get the symbolism.

    blessings and peace,

  12. Albino cockroach….what is the significance about seeing one….can anyone out there answer this….thanks

  13. Hi Sherry !! Very insightful !!! They keep turning up in my room !!

  14. Barbara Brose says:

    I had an animal fly in my room and thought what is that? “It was a cockroach” i looked it up and found a page that similar of what you said. I have been dealing with several injuries… and many changes… I did not sleep very well last night but in the 3 hours that I did sleep I dreamt of a cockroach… it was vivid and very clear and big…. thank you for I what you wrote I feel does apply. I am going hrough intense times… finding a lawyer… doctors doctors doctors and resting resting resting…. So thank you for reminding me that I have all the tools to over come this…. if there is anything else… let me know
    thank you…

  15. Sherry,
    Sitting in a City apartment in the centre of London, finishing a book I’ve been writing following a year-long vow of silence that lasted ten months. Many a varied experience on my journey this year and very much in line with really feeling and communicating with Nature. This led to a visit in my home from a Dragonfly a few months ago and my thought when it arrived through the doorway was that I wasn’t ready. For what, I didn’t understand. Though now I feel that this simply wasn’t my year to achieve all I set out to. I achieved other things, but not the main goal. Though now I feel that my main goal was not to achieve, but just to set out and try and see where it led. Anyway. I typed in the search engines for Dragonfly a couple of days ago and added what I found in the book. And then this afternoon, I stepped in off the street and there was a cockroach in the hallway. I spent a few hours doing other stuff and then typed in Cockroach Symbolism and came across the passage on your site. I just wanted to say thank you. The explanation is so relevant to where I am on my path, it would have freaked me out, were it not for the fact that I feel so immediate and in The Now. Kind Regards, Tor


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