What is More Important Than a Person?

oval office feet on deskMany people love antiques. Maybe you yourself collect antiques and have a few items within your home you value. Maybe you have a car you love because you had to work very hard to be able to have it, such as possibly years spent in a job where you were always wishing you were doing something else. Maybe you value your wardrobe and collection of shoes very much. Possibly you have many designer items and shoes that would match perfectly with every outfit you have and when you go outside maybe others can tell you have achieved things in life based on how you are able to dress. Maybe you have a beautiful house that is your dream home you always wanted. Maybe because it has a certain number of rooms, or is a certain style, or is in a certain prestigious neighborhood. Based on those things maybe you think it is a sign you show others of how well you are doing or have done in life.


oval office feet on deskWhat if something happened to these things. After all everything is impermanent. The problem with having things is that one day you will not have them and it may greatly affect you…not having them, and then your mind will be occupied with thinking about what you use to have and how you want it again and that will end up making you unhappy. What if you are out at your favorite restaurant, expensive restaurant, and you come outside to leave to realize your car has been damaged. It no longer looks nice, you might think. You might get very upset. How dare someone damage your car like that. Look what someone did to your precious car that means so much to you. Many in this situation would not look at the damaged car, shrug their shoulders, and think “Oh well, big deal!” Many would rant and rave. Many would rant and rave for days, maybe even go on Facebook and share with the world the travesty that has happened to them. Oh how shocking! This may be you but it is okay because maybe one day it won’t be.

I recently saw an article regarding President Obama putting his feet on the desk in the Oval room. Yes, how shocking! This desk was this and it was that. It means a lot because it has HISTORY! Many would agree with what I am saying about this…desk. How dare he, right?

oval office feet on desk

My heart aches when I see news reports like this and I see the people who fall prey to them who forget for even a moment the value of a person. The value of a soul. Do we not have more respect for a person than pieces of wood. If I thought my art would ever be valued more than a soul I would stop making art and commit myself to never make it again so as not to be a part of something so horrible as placing the value of things over the value of a soul. I know what shame is because even if you can’t feel it I do. We are one and whatever my brother and sister does I have done as well. If my brother and sister is guilty of something, so am I.

Tell me what is more important that a soul? Can you come up with something that you could look God in the eye (metaphorically speaking) and say this is more important than any one of your children? I would be interested to hear if you can think of something.

oval office feet on desk

Compassion is something you must always have. Compassion always will make you feel and think right about things. With compassion you can’t make the mistake of putting a material thing above a person. With understanding you will also not make the mistake of valuing the wrong things in life. If you feel you may not have right understanding or compassion do not use excuses, work on it. Ask for forgiveness that you have place a thing above others and promise that you will attempt not to do that wrong things again, else do not wonder why there is sometimes misery, unhappiness or pain in your life.


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