About Me

I AM Sherry Andrea and I am a conscious higher self channel who is fully merged with my higher self, as well as a energy worker (and Reiki Master) with telekinesis, spiritual teacher, law of attraction coach and author. Most talk about the higher self but not many have actually achieved this merging because it is not something that is easy to achieve and requires years of dedication and focus on spiritual growth and the truth is many do not want to put down the metaphysics for a period of time to do this work. I was guided to do just that. A higher level of divine truth is what comes through me.

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My purpose in this incarnation is to help others along their spiritual path. Many are guided to me by Angels and Ascended Master…yes, they know that I can be found online and actually tell those who are open and aware enough to hear to search me out on the internet and I never tire of hearing the stories of how people are guided to me. Some of course simply just trip over me such as while on youtube